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  1. Guys, this one isnt me.
  2. Thanks for politely warning me. We ( me and my friend ) will play on main campaign from now on. Sorry for all the trouble.
  3. Hey, it is me and my friend. I am really sorry, I didnt know it was against rules. We didnt have a bad intention. Server was stable for us. Sorry again, we did it to avoid waiting for 20 minutes each time we want to fly and have a more dynamic campaign. I am again really sorry. We will stop if it is against the rules. P.S : We didnt intent to use your server as a free center instead of our own internet. When we made a server on our own, other one couldnt connect so we started flying on this server. I checked rules to see if we are doing something wrong too but couldnt find a rule against it ( my english is bad so this might be reason too ) . As I said, if you want us to stop, we will stop using our own campaigns. I am really sorry. P.S 2: Yesterday night, someone joined it and sent a message iirc. I didnt by any means want to ignore him. I wanted to reply but I was in flight and didnt ( still dont ) know how to open chat in 3d world.
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