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Found 1 result

  1. Is it time to ditch the Oculus Rift (CV1) and buy an Oculus Rift S? If I ever told any of you that Oculus Rift is cool, if you have the money, a capable PC, and if you already play a few games like War Thunder or Elite: Dangerous that have native VR support, but also told you to hold off for the next generation of VR, well... you may wanna keep holding off. Here's why: The original Oculus Rift (Consumer Version 1) is awesome now, mostly due to the fact that you can buy a comfortable facial interface replacement that makes it possible to play for hours without getting a Ski Mask face, allows more airflow for less heat-buildup, and if you have good over-the-ear headphones, you can take off the Rift earpieces and use VR like I do with full surround sound immersion via the Logitech G35. I bought custom prescription glasses made for the Oculus Rift, they are curved the opposite way, and sit like monocles over the Rift lenses. They cost about as much as regular prescription glasses (expensive!), though I did choose the extra options like the blue light filter coating. Definitely worth it because it provides comfortable and clear viewing with reduced eyestrain, all without the discomfort of trying to wear actual glasses with frames inside the Rift (which could scratch the lenses easily!). The included Oculus Touch controllers are so advanced, and intuitive, that I cannot believe anyone would consider VR without these controllers. The Vive wands, the PS4 wands, etc, all pale in comparison. The ergonomics are as perfectly designed as the Playstation Dual Shock 3 controllers, with analogue buttons everywhere, and of course, vibration. They even sense when you are simply touching a button or not, to translate SO many real world hand gestures from grabbing to pointing to finger-guns to the old standard one-finger "come here" gesture, and many more. (thumbsticks are buttons, too, because of course they are ) The only controller issue would be the fact that they are a little small for an adult with medium to large hands. But, since the Oculus Rift has been out for awhile, there are plenty of third party options available for sale such as gel covers that marginally increase the size enough to fill the gap, while increasing comfort for extended use. Also, the old CV1 Oculus Rift can run fairly well on just a GTX 970 and 4th generation Intel CPU (I have the 4690k, and a super clocked EVGA GTX at 1509MHz, so results may vary) VS. On the other hand, the new Oculus Rift S is also amazing tech, but is brand new. Because of this, for now, there are no fancy gel controller covers for larger hands, no comfortable facial inserts for sale yet, and the included facial piece is just as difficult to wear for any period of time as the original CV1 version was. From what I can tell from reddits/etc. the custom prescription glasses I have for my CV1 Rift may not fit correctly in the Rift S, and that's a huge add-on cost. They say it's easier to wear glasses with frames in the Rift S, but unless I can try a demo, I'm not gonna take that at face value. They said the same about the CV1, and I strongly disagree. There are no included headphones, just a few built-in speaker holes directly over the ear on the headstrap. It apparently has a 3.5mm jack for headphones, though a lot of the users that posted said they wear earbud style headphones. Personally, I've hated those since the 1980's, so for me, I'm not considering that as an option. It looks like it might be difficult to fit the Logitech G35 surround sound headphones over that headstrap, and like many people, I feel that complete immersion requires surround sound and either a quiet room or over-the-ear style headphones like the G35 and G933. It "can" run on a GTX 970 like it's predecessor, but will likely be able to take advantage of more modern graphics cards and CPU's to help maintain at least 45FPS as required for a "no nausea" VR experience while in motion. The resolution has been improved to the point where the very apparent screen door effect of the Oculus Rift CV1 is all but completely gone, according to reviews. With a closer and tighter fit around the nose, there is less face exposure to outside air, and this has led to complaints about heat buildup. I use a small fan that constantly blows over the top of the Oculus Rift CV1 when I use it from a desk setup, and it makes it possible to spend more than an hour or two in VR without noticing the heat. According to reviews and posts so far, the Rift S has fewer/smaller openings to allow such a fan to help dissipate the heat buildup. I already notice immediately if I move my hand (and touch controller) out of view of my Oculus Sensors mounted near the ceiling - if I block it by reaching under my chair, desk, etc. it switches to a sort of inertial mode and can lose that under certain circumstances. With the Rift S, the sensors are on the HMD itself, so I assume it could have even more issues when playing from a desktop setup vs. a room scale setting. With any luck, my sensors will function with the new systems, and add to the tracking. That would be great, but I'm sure the new Touch controllers designed for the Rift S will work well just as if they were the old ones, only with the tracking ring on top. It should be noted that because the Rift S uses a single screen for both eyes, the inter-pupilary distance is no longer adjustable as it was on the Oculus Rift CV1. Anyone with outside the average range will certainly have issue, and even those inside the range will be unable to fine tune it to their exact IPD, which some are counting as a step backwards for this pioneering VR company. So, for these several reasons, I am not upgrading my VR setup to the Rift S at this time. Even if money were not a factor, sadly, I don't think it would be a very enjoyable and comfortable and equally immersive experience. VR is awesome in the Oculus Rift CV1 right now, there's even a wireless kit available! It's comfortable to wear, easy to cool, accommodates my less than perfect vision, and is completely immersive thanks to the Logitech G35 (and the buttkicker under my seat!). I just have to deal with this screendoor effect for a little while longer.