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Found 5 results

  1. Unban PLS

    забанен больше 5 месяцев, разбаньте пожалуйста banned for more than 5 months, please unban Nick: Skipper_30
  2. I'm still alive yaaaaaeeee...

    Yep another seasons work completed, without getting the bends, drowning, being burnt alive, kidnapped or being eaten by a saltwater crocodile, shark or native woman. and no snake bites not one : ) Joy with cash to spend The biggest salt water crocodile pulled out to the sea here reminds me of SSgt. HaterOneActual love ya hater xx un stoppable... Still cant find a good connection to the inter web on land here, so looks like i will hit the 10 offspring mark soon..... The weathers still shit in the UK so guess i will have to PM and post funnys on the site, for a few more months until late spring : ) when the birds fly back to the UK from Africa, yep down town JO burg beats the UK in winter hands down. my little island with white sand is a bit better. if your too leathery for the mosquito's. its lovely : ) Will post photos of anything strange i find to eat. for now i'm still on a diet of raw eggs coconuts and baby octopus. MISS YOU ALL.... Hope PR is still fully booked. : ) Wooof Splash : ) PS never try to chew the live octopus on the way down,, or it will panic and try to climb out of your nose lol
  3. i am banned from veterans-gaming i dont know the reason need help
  4. Ban Request + video evidence

    players username: Spongebob reason: -Mass TK of cas and trans helicopters. -Would exit cas & trans helicopters upon request and then precede to kill the pilot. -When asked to land would not. -would TK upon attempting to take back helicopter. video evidence: I apologize for the bad quality, had to learn to record very quickly. This video only shows 1 of the many team kills (not including the Helicopters destroyed) I ask that he be banned from the server. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  5.  Tougher rules on the PR maps plz  : )

    HI All : ) tougher rules on the PR maps plz : ) I have seen too many hunter killer wackos, from non CO OP servers ,+ troll punks pissig in the kids sand pit LOLZ forgive the language . maybe a MP,S squad as well as tranz, apc. Hater One Actual can flip it on and off , he's firm but fair. loves the team work as well . 1 vote for Hater 1 ,having a instant ban button. don't give one to me , ever, plz. lol Thanks for all the hard work . JOY HAppY gAmInG