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      Special Thanks to all of our Supporters in 2020!!   Your contributions have gone a long way to helping keep systems and servers running, and VG can't thank you enough!  The current monthly costs total just over a hundred dollars a month, depending on usage traffic, and you all have helped reach that in nearly every quarterly goal of 2020.  This is YOUR community, and it shows!  Please help maintain this momentum in 2021 - VETERANS-GAMING appreciates your continued support!!


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  1. VG Insurgency Server

    Hey there I tried to join your Insurgency server tonight and fell short of the password needed. I hoped to find some answer here in the forums, but I didn't spot anything. Anyone can advise on that? PS: Ignore me, SU played some trick on me...it wasn't your server selected, but some other.
  2. VG Insurgency Server

    Six-Updater misled me because I selected "Use server in dynamic profile" but it didn't do it and the previous server was still selected. Opened a bug ticket on this.
  3. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    !shok how old are you kiddo...sheesh... !butcher EDIT: Amending my post about the errors, I must apologize to PITN; it was not his edit which gave the errors, but the 3PARA edit. I'm very sorry for the confusion, I'll seek their forums to complain about the spoiling of Insurgency. !dntknw
  4. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    Sheesh I was tired when I wrote that, I finally bothered to re-read. Fun's over :P EDIT: Darn, the text box just doesn't get smaller eh? Sorry for the spam, I should have made it an EDIT2 on my previous post.
  5. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    Hmm, the lag is most likely server related. Currently I'm a bit stressed at work and thus can't really work on the mission and when I got free time I'm playing myself, but I promise, next release will have more (30, I think) BLUFOR slots and working. EDIT: OTOH, if your server can't accommodate >20 players, then maybe you should run a version with less slots. It could be related to patch 1.59 too, not sure. What you say?
  6. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    Good edit! Tried it out today and works fine (no more script errors). The AI/vehicle amount and skill is debatable, as usual - it becomes quite a massacre with the increased skill as their spotting ability is much higher and with 1.59 (despite of some details), they've become almost human-like. Mind you that the AI amount is *per player*! So if you set it to 200% (original mission preset), for each player potentially 8 AI spawn somewhere around in the houses, so don't over do this! Anyway, nice to see that you guys like the mission.
  7. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    Your enthusiasm for Insurgency is really appreciated, but last time I was joining your server (default params involve -showScriptErrors) I was getting a black box across the screen constantly due to some script error which was looping indefinitely. Also my HDD was going nuts because this very script error was written to RPT 100 times per second or so. Long story short, if you edit the mission - fine - it seems like everyone is doing their own stuff anyway, but do it right. It hurts my scripter pride to see the mission go untested like that. On another note, I published version 0.76 last monday, new features and fixes can be viewed here. And improvement suggestions (like adding another squad or more weapons) are always welcome on my Insurgency project space, which might save you some editing trouble in future, if its included by default.