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  1. Let's fly

    I think a few of us have done Ramp Start guides.. We should have our own training video channel on YouTube. I will happily start redoing videos again.
  2. Let's fly

    Hi guys. Would be good to get a good group together. When you say "Flight School" do you mean to try get new pilots.? I am more than happy to get people started. I am no topgun (although I am still waiting for topgun ensignia for doing the VG Harrier challenge) but I am happy to run through the basics and ge people flying.. The more the merrier. Sandstorm.
  3. Let's fly

    Hi all It's been a bit quiet on the VG Falcon BMS server recently (UK time). We at the 185th fly on it nightly ( when not doing Falcon Online ) who else flies ??. Let's get the numbers up. Sandstorm.
  4. Server Issue

    I think the server is down
  5. Waiting to fly

    Anyone for a flight ? , in BMS Now.
  6. Waiting to fly

    No problem. I see you were flying with 185th. I use to fly with them but went away with work and since baby arrived I dont have time to commit to IQT , but I drop olin on to the TS server every now and then to see who is online. Catch you soon.
  7. Waiting to fly

    Online now , for 1hr or so
  8. Waiting to fly

    Yeh but it's a good learning excercise. You mentioned an IFF ON switch for HOTAS is that the IFF to UFC or is there is that something else with a specific key binding ? If so what would that be and what difference does that make as I had IFF showing. I will try to be on most nights , are you on Discord. There is a VG discord channel and I can post on that if I am gonna be late, have a 5 Month old baby so she keeps us busy.
  9. Waiting to fly

    @=VG= SemlerPDX, Roger that. Will use UTC form now on. Had a great game with Noodle this evening. One OCA strike that went well , then a Sweep , but I accidentally shot him down , not sure what happened as AWACS called it as Bandit and no Buddy spike. So sorry noodle. Hope more people can join in. I will be on most nights @ 19:30Z
  10. Waiting to fly

    I will be on tonight about 20:30 BST if anyone fancies a MP mission. Looking forward to getting back into it. Let me know.
  11. Falcon 4.34 MP Joining Process

    Hi, Back from a the deep blue ( Wife gave birth 6 months ago ) , it the process for joining the 4.34 MP the same as 4.33 , same IP etc and same process for IVC ? Cheers Sandstorm
  12. BMS 4.34 Release

    Any idea how to move controller setting to 4.34 or do I need to do it all again. I tries transferring profile from 4.33 to 4.34 , but gets all messed up. Back from a year out and the day I come back there is an update..
  13. 15% Discount on Tacview

    Evening. Just managed to strike a deal with Tacview for a 15% discount. Again non affiliated so I make nothing from it. So now I can offer 10% off Trackhat.org and 15% off Tacview. Happy Flying, Sandstorm.
  14. Server Issue

    ok ,appears to be back up now.
  15. Server Issue

    Server appears to be down 16:57 gmt