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  1. Changes in server

    sure, honestly i was hopping to be that way, feels safe to now the changes are made by the people that knows what they are doing by the way thanks for taking that serious guys. this is a great community.
  2. Changes in server

    someone is changing the bullseye position. and wasting air assets in various airbases. i am not sure about who is but i believe we got some punks around.
  3. BMS crash reports

    11.29.17 15:11Z my computer fails to connect to server
  4. BMS U4 Update

    Are there any plans to upgrade the 7/24 server to 4.33.4?
  5. yeah i can fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee... but i cannot say i am qualified for being and instructor for any kind of operation that i cann tell ya. the pvp idea is most likely for more action and scheduled flights for making the party more loud and crush the ai in a corwded fasion way. specific time for event means more pilots for me at least. and yes i am flying on that campaign right now and i asked about red air missions becouse i haven't see any bandits for a while.
  6. Come on man. Isn't it sounds cool when you say RAF or USAF. Damn. edit: And is there anybody knows why there is no red air missions fragging or at least I cannot see any bandits. Without air ressistance, it becomes lil too calm and quiet.
  7. K. I have an idea. Lets schedule a TacEng. mission (eg. Training CAP, Human vs Human) and make it sticky on forum. By evaluating participation, we can consider on further events or missions. The default quota of missions won't be enough I believe (12 - 14). If we get more people than min req, than we are good to go for campaign or more pvp action! We may be more flexible on min number of people for firs time.
  8. OK. May sound dumb and funny but, where do we gonna start now?
  9. I mean like a mail template that is open to comunity to easyli brief or announce event clearly in a single forum post. Most likely a basic operation map with some specific data included like ordnance the aircraft carries etc. In a means of cosmetics u know what I mean ;p Not so special just a documentation for making things clear and easy to share. I found some nice pilots like sir CobaltUK. We flew on some Pre pln CAS missions and I saw some individual pilots trying to have fun alone in "Online Server". The idea came at that moment for amplifying that potential. And thanks happy to hear you like the idea. There is a large community that we have here so, it is deffinitly gonna worth the effort. edit: And I guessed you will say that the saturday may not be the best idea because the reason you mentioned, I still cannot see a timespace for worldwide participation.
  10. Yes. Completely what it's looks like. I want this awesome comunity to become more awesome, which means it has to huddle people in a more regular manner. (Thats completely my own guess, or whatever) So there is the idea. It's doesn't look so possible to make a PvP server at this time, why we are not making Co-Op missions that requires at least 8 to 20 pilot at the same package at the same time. As a newbie I don't know is that already have been tried, or gonna be, I can put a considerable effort to make it happen, if anybody doesn't has any means to stop me. First of all, whe gotta discuss on time, UOAF is very experienced on this (they are making it more than six years i guess), and they are scheduling the events on Saturday 18:00z and its looks reasonable to me. But like I said, we gottta discuss on it. Second thing is, there is manpower to make it happen. I can fragg a mission once in two weeks, but I like to see it more often. Volunteering is the key feature on this one. And the last thing I have in mind, I can make a template html file for regularly fragged missions, but I cannot maintain game-master status because I am a student and I don't ussualy know what brings tomorrow. I need full support on that one. There it is, actually there is always be more work to but, thats a start for me. We can talk about training (Recuiting) some other time, and absolutely on PvP but, thats enough for me for now. Looking forward to...
  11. BMS crash reports

    NP. It's an hard task to maintain worlwide server. At specially means of time diffirences.
  12. BMS crash reports

    Nearly for 12 hours I cannot connect to the new server. It was working yesterday. err "Failed to connect to server"