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  1. Destiny 2

    I'm a light 1010 so I'd help anyone new if they need help with some more difficult activities, especially with the weekly reset coming up tomorrow. Just message me if you want to add me.
  2. NetoSontag & FalkenSNP

    From around 9 PM to at least 10:50 PM (The time of this writing) FalkenSNP and his partner in crime NetoSontag have stolen and wasted 2 tanks, 5 trans helicopters on both jabal as well as burning sands, as well as 3 cas choppers, two on jabal and one on burning sands. They have not responded to attempts to contact them in English nor Spanish, and refuse to change their ways. Reports are present at their appropriate times with screenshots to verify instances if necessary. Edit(11:21 PM)- NetoSontag or FalkenSNP(pilot unknown) crashed a trans helicopter straight into me intentionally while playing Jabal al Burj. Falken proceeded to shoot me after I told him not to take TimeTooRock's helicopter, and again while I was in it. They continued to try to shoot Time out of his helicopter once he got in. Edit the second(11:27 PK)- For the sake of CAS asset survival, some blood has been shed- they speak English, and have been doing the previously reported actions intentionally in all cases.
  3. At 18:54(roughly) CST, a user by the name of Cherrey fired a LAT at the SuperCobra(with me in it) on Muttrah Std, and before Acro could take appropriate action, he left the server. Prior to that, he attempted to get into the SuperCobra and the CAS huey in the wrong squad with the wrong kit. Reports should show up in the logs.
  4. Dallercoder TK with CAS

    I verbally warned him about those bad bombs, sadly no global text chat, and I signed off before the deed(8:57 PM CST). I was a bit suspicious of that guy due to a few rockets and missiles that seemed to pass by me a bit too close to be by accident, both while idling over the map and when going to land before I got off. Definitely someone to watch if they happen to return. I believe his exact username was dallercodcr.