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  1. Possible solution for uncredited kills

    Glad it got looked into. Been away for a while guys....it's a great sim and I hope the community stays patient while the smart ones get it figured out. It's hard to express my appreciation of the hard work that's gone into F4. It's absolutely incredible. Thank you to all involved to bring this sim from microprose's release in '98 to what it is now nearly 20 years later. Our community has set a standard in modern combat flight simulation that isn't rivaled and will, in my opinion, be the continuing and steadfast benchmark of what it takes to make a simulation of this magnitude into what we all love and continue to support. P.S. Is the sever down? I can't join. Pretty sure Brain crashed it if we're down. He loads too many SDBs.
  2. Possible solution for uncredited kills

    I looked at it and found a line under "Dev Settings" set g_bServer 0 // This option puts FalconBMS into Multiplayer Server mode. A server mode session can't enter the 3D world Wanna see what that does if you set it to 1? It might simply force the server to only keep the connection open and rely on clients' data for 3d action instead of the server being, technically, part of the action. I've never messed with these setting as a host so I don't know what I'm talking about lol!
  3. I was over at the BMS forums and chimed in on a topic regarding logbook kills. THIS post at BMS might explain it. Any way for the host to try to stay in 3d temporarily to see if that is, in fact, the reason that we only damage everything on the ground?
  4. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Looks like ground forces have changed slightly! Good changes I might add. Browsing the BMS forums I noticed that the average bandwidth that people connect with is 1024. Why are you wanting 300? I also noticed a few posts about latency and connection issues contributing to spawn issues for targets...which I've seen on many occasions. I've we were to attempt an SOP of 1024 bandwidth for one campaign, what harm harm would that do? And that's entirely inquisitive...I have no clue how that works. Thank you for this server! :) now back to RTFM :)
  5. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    The last campaign was buggy anyways. Brain and I were flying it on Sunday and the map screen was frozon...no planes were moving. In the 3D world nothing spawned, then after about 10 minutes or so in the target area everything appeared at once. It was strange.
  6. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Is the server down right now? at about 1700z I couldn't connect yesterday and still cannot. :(