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  1. Libya Theater WIP Screenies

    I did but in FF5 in BMS G-4 is designed as cardboard. So it is pointless to invest much effort as it does not change.
  2. Libya Theater WIP Screenies

    Libians been used Galeb G-4 :-)
  3. weapon delivery planer

    I?m Gonne ask Falcas about this problem with bug First time when I get him online. Gr.
  4. For the Veterans !

    MODERATOR EDIT: Fixed youtube forum code to show video players
  5. FreeTrackNoIR

    It works good with FF5 and BMS :-))
  6. weapon delivery planer

    Useful for your flights in BMS First download the program WDP 2.6 and after that under Two pdf file(Mission planning with WDP (article) how to use it It?s a easy way to cheek your flight before you take off and you can print your data of flight map control, your weapons and more ?.. In BMS is no knee map so this is the other way to prepare your mission. Link : http://www.weapondeliveryplanner.nl/download/index.html
  7. Screenshots

    Desert Eagle :-)
  8. Happy 230th Birthday

    Sorry wrong 235 :-)
  9. Happy 230th Birthday

    Blud just for you :D https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/holiday/usmc/2005_playmovie.asp?se=%2B
  10. Need Help on Falcon 4 AF multiplayer

    Sorry !I find calendar on our site too!d4 but is empty :D
  11. Need Help on Falcon 4 AF multiplayer

    No Probl. Just send PM. Usually I have a time in Weekend. Another thing is not a maybe a good place to write about it but, I try to make a New Thread by Suggestions and 3 X was ignored to post. So Ill try on this way to ask. I find on someone else website a calendar of Flying http://www.72ndvfw.org/calendar.htm is that possible on our site? Just a Q? Tnx anyway
  12. Need Help on Falcon 4 AF multiplayer

    I got a same problem like you Dimes. I can use FF5 but not Allied Force. I already change my PC (A new one) and open the ports following all instructions and problem is not solved.
  13. Planes Airliners etc

    Sometimes is the problem just up your nose but you still can?t see them. I know that problem with Python just look in the thing and don?t see. Someone says take a Google Red.
  14. Planes Airliners etc

    A lot of pictures of planes :-)
  15. Planes Airliners etc