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  1. FreeTrackNoIR

    Hope they make it compatible with pr soon ^^
  2. Battlefield 3 - "My Life" Trailer

    bloody hell, still need to grab a copy of windows 7....
  3. Project Reality BF3

    WHAAAAAAT???????????? ..... My hopes for BF3 are gone
  4. BF2 : Debug assortion Failed..

    I'd suggest a reinstall. These errors generally mean corrupt files. BTW have you modded common_client.zip in any way?
  5. hi all

    Norge...... :P
  6. More BF3 Hotness (New Gameplay)

    i really hope they add animations for entering and exiting vehicles no more "instant driver/pilot" crap
  7. Early beta access guarantee already came with Medal of Honor Limited Edition, I highly doubt they will add more slots (closed betas generally don't have too many participants).
  8. CSB Diaries - Jabal al Burj

    No, they can only be built at predesignated spots marked by the construction terrain (the little bulge in the ground) Shame too, if that were true then PR would be THE most dynamic FPS game in the world ^^
  9. CSB Diaries - Jabal al Burj

    I actually lost 3 logistics trucks when attempting to place the 5th piece of the bridge.... Was quite frustrating And Dman, i tried that, ended up in the water... and dead too
  10. CSB Diaries - Jabal al Burj

    CSB's, them little buggers sure are useful when you need 'em. I've taken on the personal challenge of attempting to complete construction of a CSB over the entire span of the Jabal river. So, lets start off shall we? (*This was done on a local server by myself, no help received whatsoever*) A lift from our kind Huey pilot (myself) on Essex and I was at West Beach. Ah, the logi, nothing has ever been so ugly yet so useful.. Taking the logi down the path of boredom Here we are, at the site of what was to be the great CSB of Jabal :D First section down :) Nothing too difficult here Back to fill up on munitions It's a tediously long process... Now that we are stocked again, it's back to the bridge! Was a bit shaky trying to drive the logi up on section, but not too bad. I'll skip you the boring trips here and get to the construction ^^ Here we are, a few sections down the river It's starting to get very difficult to drive down the entire section to drop the bridge, what's more, you had to come back from that end.... A few mishaps during construction and some "minor" inconveniences The feeling that at any moment your truck can fall off the side of the bridge... >.< Tip of advice: Never ever ever try to escape a truck falling from a bridge by climb out the side it's falling to... you'll just get crushed by the truck !skull (while i waited for the truck to respawn, i took the heli up for a little spin) Take a look at the altitude :D Ahh, progress :D And finally, after a few more mishaps.... FRUITION!!!!! And some random pictures for funsies at the end of the all hard work :D ^^ Now lets tally up the construction totals: Time taken from acquisition of logistics truck to bridge completion: 1 hour 10 minutes 49 seconds. Sections of CSBs required: 7 Cost of the project: 7 Lives 5 Logistics Trucks So as you can see, this is no project for the faint of heart, if you want to get this thing built in a real game, you better start early or else it's !dash Thanks all for taking the time to read this, now get back to the field and start building the damned bridges!! !huh
  11. PR Moments

    Those pictures actually gave me an idea for the game. Is it possible to add blur to the edges of the screen when moving or turning at high speeds? If it its it could be a great idea for the VG mod
  12. Technical Issues / Site Menus

    Phew, i thought it was my pc gone batshit crazy when i couldn't post in the chat xD
  13. Veterans-gaming.com Returns!

    phew.. i thought the site was having some serious problems... great job fixing it up, all's well and hopefully ends well :)
  14. Time to get a copy of Windows 7 then...... If I could afford it >:(
  15. HOLA!

    Hehe, good to finally see ya on the forums, you do a great job ingame and I look forward to seeing you again on the field :)