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  1. Fixed your Images, Nice Pics
  2. Reporting in

    RAM22 LAN_WROTE ... IHarryXx LAN_WROTE ... Leave him CC.. He needs friends Your right and you guys dont qualify, you gotta be older than 6 to be my friend. !d3 RAM22 I'm 5 next month can I bwe friesdhs plesh :P
  3. Reporting in

    Sweet dogs man
  4. R.I.P

    Ahh Man, I know what its like to lose Pets. I lost my cat when I was 5 :(
  5. Reporting in

    Leave him CC.. He needs friends
  6. BF2 Maps taking forever to load.

    Or Firewall, It took me ages to load maps till I disabled it.
  7. XP won't boot just restarts :(

    Reinstall has to be done damn it, I'm not dual booting now cant be bothered. just Win7 this time
  8. XP won't boot just restarts :(

    Okay so I'm loading up XP so I can play my games. I Select it on the menu (( Dual booting )) and it loads fine. then it goes to the XP logo + loading screen and then it restarts the computer. So no gaming till I can fix this. Any help?
  9. US Marines in the wild

    ''No French Reporters'' everyone hates them
  10. new military transport robot "big dog"

    Yeah, Star Wars FTW

    Read & Understood
  12. Checkin in

    Wow, first guy here you can ''drive'' a plane.... Welcome
  13. Hellow

    Hades dude, We all get along here lets not stop that, Kiwi is from Australia and is a great man, we don't do Sick jokes that offend.
  14. Hellow

    CCCode LAN_WROTE ... RAM22 LAN_WROTE ... IHarryXx LAN_WROTE ... Welcome we have other members from down under :O We have deceased members??? !amazed RAM22 bob needs to see this :D on topic.. Welcome hope to fly with you after i learn how to.. if i do i mean :D Bob does not need to see this :|
  15. Hellow

    RAM, always twisting my words ¬.¬
  16. Hellow

    Welcome we have other members from down under
  17. Hi All

    A broomstick is flyable but only by people with the correct qualifications. Welcome!
  18. PR, Name the difference

    They didn't use Vanish washing liquid and the clothes are not white clean (:
  19. Greetings!

    Find me first Mwuhahahaha
  20. Greetings!

    RAM, last time, nobody asked for the god damn life story.... Welcome
  21. About last night...

    you press Ctrl+G or something like that.
  22. About last night...

    I can take off its just the rest LOLO
  23. About last night...

    Doesn't help, I don't see no Broomstick flying next to you :P