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  1. =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... Thanks, cuel! And thanks Savage! Here are the current issues I'm looking at: -There needs to be an in game way to view the squad list/and who is in what role similar to what we see when we first join the server and pick our MP slot, use the 1-1-A info each slot has to display a list in game. Review the COIN interface that already exists. What about the insurgency radio trigger? It'll show 1-1-A and the player name and then you can print out the class aswell I guess. Edit: Don't know what the COIN interface is. =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... -Spawn on Squad Leader (not all squad members!) This could replace the button in the COIN that is currently used for FOB. It's the bottom right button of 4 (BASE, MHQ, RALLY, FOB) had something like that for a mission I made a while ago, never had time to test it tho. _pos = (getPos (leader (group player))) findEmptyPosition [5, 20, typeOf (vehicle player)]; still a lot more stuff to check, alive, waiting for heal, maybe surfaceiswater, enemies nearby etc. Why remove the FOB? Isn't it useful? =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... -I broke the Squad Leader special ability for several Squad Leaders, as in, the game doesn't know that those slots (i.e. 1-1-H) are SL's cause he made the first 19 slots have this ability - by adding squad member roles, they all got shifted, and I didn't respect that when I added them. I want to reorder it so the list still looks as good as it does: --Infantry Squads listed first in this order (SL, Medic, Engineer, Member 4, Member 5, Member 6. --Sniper Squads (Sniper Team Leader, Spotter) --Crewmen (Crew Team Leader, Crewman) --Pilots (Pilot Wing Leader, Co-Pilot) --Commander (Last Slot, Bottom of List) I remember I had to edit a mission.sqm (including all 64 sub-classes, manually) just to get the order you see in the lobby the way I wanted it. good times =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... -Supply Drop C-130 crashes into the high mountains. We increased the start altitude for the UAV for such reasons, need to find out how to for this one as well (i looked, no easy parameter - lots of logical statements, so gotta dig a bit for this one, would love some help) What was the value of flyInHeight? IIRC There's a maximum value =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... ---BIG ONE, want this fixed ASAP! The display that pops up on your map shows X COORDs and y COORDs is staying up way too long, and I'd love it to be on the left of the screen. Although, it looks like it's slaved to that brown notification window that appears after "reading a sign" and clicking 'continue'. Either way, it stays up too long. If we can't move it, make it disappear in around 5 seconds. Just find the param and we'll try out a few different settings. How about changing it so the X and Y COORDS will only show when you press it on the radio? That's the only time it's useful right? =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... --I thought only engineers could diffuse IED's? Last night, Raptor in the US Sniper Team Leader (fully working proper Squad Leader inits and functions) actually had the option to Diffuse or Blow an IED. Gotta check this out, only Engineers should be able to diffuse, everyone else should have to blow it up with heavy ordinance (risking exposure). Also, lets test if a satchel can blow one, or if we need to add a mod/script to allow that. I took a quick look at defuse.sqf script and from what I could see everyone can defuse mines, only engineers will have a 100% success rate while others have an if(random 2 < 1)
  2. =VG= SavageCDN LAN_WROTE ... Thanks for help with testing it, cuel Just curious.. how did you find out about us/our server? I've been playing a lot of insurgency on VG, so my 'host' filter is set to 'vet' and I noticed the new server/map. Downloaded Clafghan and joined. -snip- think I replied in the wrong thread-
  3. Yesterday was really fun. Good and fun mission.