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  1. Campaign Restart Request

    That should make things interesting...
  2. Server Down?

    Tried to join this afternoon but found I could not connect. Would you restart the server/campaign please?
  3. Campaign Restart Request

    Just been on the campaign and it's at day eight and the enemy have no aircraft or airbases to speak of and all the SAM threats are down. Would you please restart the campaign so we don't have a mission that feels like shooting targets at the fairground? We have to have something shooting back at us don't we. Thanks.
  4. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    You mentioned a spec near the top with a SSD and HDD. Ditch the HDD. They are just too slow to cope with the demand of todays processors and graphics card. SSD all day long and if you can afford an M2 SSD, so much the better. Whatever happens, gaming machines are not cheap and there's no getting away from that. Good luck.
  5. Campaign Challenge Level

    Excellent. Thanks.
  6. Campaign Challenge Level

    Would you please restart the campaign on a higher level. The current easy campaign has stalled and the enemy has next to no decent aircraft left.
  7. Campaign Challenge Level

    Is the server down at the moment? Cannot connect.
  8. Campaign Challenge Level

    Thanks brother. Much appreciated. You lost me on your third paragraph but I'm sure it's something good.
  9. Campaign Challenge Level

    Firstly thanks you for hosting an on going campaign for us to utilise. It's a great service and much appreciated (and yes, I have donated ) Two things really. Could the level of difficult be raised a little to give a better challenge and lastly could the progress of the campaign be monitored as the longer it runs it seems we run out of enemies to fight against!
  10. How to install BMS 4.34

    While having the "older" versions on your machine is fine you will not find anyone flying them, particularly in multiplayer. The Net code for 4.33 wrecked the on line scene. This has been resolved to a very large degree in 4.34 and the vpilots are coming back. Trust me when I say that keeping 4.32 and 4.33 is like keeping that magazine that you keep promising yourself that you will read...