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  1. FNG on Deck!

    Welcome Rager! Don't worry I know the feeling! I only recently came back to P.R in the last year or two and have only really been playing actively for the past couple of weeks! If you have any Q's when i'm in game feel free to ask! Not sure I'll have all the answers but I'll do my best! Best regards Wise.
  2. How can I be an effective Squad Leader?

    Yeah that video is useful. Despite not having seen it before, that's how I learnt to Squad Lead (and still certainly learning). I started by acting as SL for trans as that is a pretty manageable role as long as you have decent pilots and people who aren't spamming the mic. (Had to tell my squad to shut up a couple of times yesterday as they were constantly talking and I couldn't hear the comms traffic coming from local and from other squad leaders.) So make sure you're being assertive in this regard as direct communication is key. Obvious there can be moments of downtime and that's fine, but that should be dictated by the SL and not by the squad. Currently i'm trying to get better at leading small groups of inf, hence you'll sometimes see a squad called 'Brimstone' which is me sort of practicing the intermediate role by acting as irregular infantry and as someone said previously, essentially giving the enemy somebody else to shoot at so the veteran squads can have an easier time. I remember reading a passage from Max Hastings; a war historian: "95% of the infantry are simply there to be shot at, it's up to the 5% on both sides to act decisively." I feel the same way in PR and every bullet that gets fired my way instead of in the direction of the veteran squads is a win win in my opinion! Best regards Wise.
  3. Greetings Mortals!

    Hey everyone, I thought it was about time to introduce myself on your forums. I've been playing on your server on and off for a while, mostly off until lately due to real life studies. But in the past couple of weeks i've come back with a vengeance and i'm loving every minute of it! Some of you will know me already, i'm a pretty chill if rather chatty guy that sometimes gets extremely exciteable (especially when turning a corner and finding an enemy tank gazing at me) that can result in screams! It's a fantastic server and a great community, and i'm happy to be a small part of it. Best regards and see you on the battlefield! Wiseman738.