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Feature list

=VG= BrakeGamer



Being worked on...

What I did so Far:

Call Admins System-Steam - Done

Admin list like in PR - Done

Next map display like in PR - Done

Full Sourcemod Admin System - Done

Maplist - Done

Server Settings - Done

Things I need to do:

Advertisment System - WIP

TK Manager (So the victim can choose punishment) - WIP

Display of rounds left (in precentage) - WIP

More to come soon..




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If you do ask Semler or savage, they could probably use your files for a dedicated server off our box, would fix your port issues and well put the server on a dedicated gameserver box. Both points being a win win. I gather this might be a you project, but I'm pretty sure the guys would be willing to help. I Think we've even had an insurgency server running in the past, without any of your cool modifications though. 

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@=VG= Gaz I made this project only for =VG= I tried to run it off my box for testing, and since it doesn't work due to the ports not being set up, I need an alternative for testing it, which the =VG= Dedi Box coud be helpfull....

Edit: The upgrades to the server can't continue until I see the current setup is stable and working, just a little FYI why I didn't update the list...

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Sorry for the late reply, what I need is to test the current files of the Server which I got on Google Drive ready too go, we coud try and upload it to the dedi box and try running it for a week to see how things go, if we don't have enough proccessing power we coud try using one of the Arma 3's server slots for a week just to see how it works.

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