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The VG Website update has been completed! - All features including new ones are now online!

=VG= SemlerPDX

We're happy to finally release our new features and group structure!  All existing non-VG Clan Members who were PR Admins have been migrated into our 'Officers' group, including a new forum group icon.  The Menu Bar has changed slightly, and will continue to improve over time, but we hope you'll still be able to find your frequent places as well as plenty more, where everything doesn't turn into one very long list under 'more..'

We won't leave you to figure everything out, the new VG Wiki (coming soon this month) will detail all things VG, new items including website use, clan/group structure, club rules, etc.  Once we get these things in place, we're gonna loosen up on the rules for creating clubs as long as the guidelines in the VG Wiki are followed. (not all groups will be able to create all kinds of clubs).


Check out the VG Store to show your support with a subscription and an additional custom forum group icon!  One time donations will also receive a supporter ribbon and forum 'pin' with the amount/date of donation!  Please provide feedback and bug reports in the coming weeks, if something looks messed up or doesn't work right (or is just plain inefficient) let us know (here) and we'll see what we can do to improve the site for everyone!

Thank you all again for your patience, and to everyone who loves this website and group, please give huge thanks to SolarFlame for his tireless efforts if you see him!!


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