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  1. I like to come here, look at the amount of people currently online at the bottom of the page, and imagine that one day, my forums will be as popular.
  2. well i can see it from that point of view, sometimes i miss it, but im glad i did it, its set me on a steady workout regime, and i made quite a few friends during the RSS Gatherings.
  3. Well hey now, i didnt just fuck him, i talked to him over the course of 2 weeks about it, i didnt just up and say, fuck you, ima do the police. Im an ass, but not that much of one.
  4. Sup Mr and Ms Ladies, you all know me from the Badassery Squad i lead known as the 6B3M, or maybe its from the beast piloting i do. OR maybe ive tked you at some point, and you remember me from the pure hatred that burns inside and wakes you up everyday waiting for the moment when you can take that knife and shove it into my foot. But hey, who knows, i sure as hell dont know what wakes you up in the morning. For me, its the Bacon. About Me: Last year of highschool, 17, did the Delayed Entry Program for the US Marine corp for about 6 months, talked to the SSGT. decided id go police academy instead, because i feel like police are in high demand in our Beautiful country than a soldier is. And i have no idea what else i should post, thanks for reading, i love you all, even if you hate me back.