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  1. Arma 3 Session: 28 June 2014

    Yeah whoop Everyone loves pigeon
  2. Polish Martyr Introduction and reasoning

    If you guys get an MSO up and running give me a shout.
  3. New PC build

  4. New motherboard for 4670k

    Much obliged I'll level with you guys this isn't for me. My boss asked me for suggestions its gonan be his rig the only suggestion I made was windows 7 (not 8) and the 4670k like you said poff the extra cost for 4670k is so worth it. I like your rebuild jord gonna play about see what I can do.
  5. New motherboard for 4670k

    Hijacking this thread... 100 Pigeon points to whomever can improve on this but keep the cost the same/lower http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/HolyPigeon/saved/3Ah9
  6. New motherboard for 4670k

    So tempted to buy one
  7. Arma 3 VG mod list

    Out of interest does this mean the VG arma 3 server will be running these mods at all times? Do you plan to also host a vanilla server like on arma 2? I only ask because lets be honest unless ciros made a mission or theres an event no one really tends to go on arma 3 other than for a short play because they forget its awful. So it may be good for your guys dwindling numbers to host a decent vanilla arma 3 server. Also 3rd person ftw. :P
  8. Arma 3 VG mod list

    It takes away immersion? Being forced to look down a 60 degree angle RUINS MY IMMERSION. I have no peripheral view or situational awarness. I like 1st person when I'm in combat but for patrolling and such 3rd person allows me to actually see my surrounding. And yes you can "cheat" in 3rd person but that just makes up for all the things I can't do in game that I could in real life. Edit: Just realised this is about arma 3, so I don't care.
  9. 7 days to die VG server

    Point to note if I press Z I can spawn in any items I want. Not sure if this is intentional mate.
  10. 7 days to die VG server

    Got sick of rust being down so now I have this. My poor poor bank account. :(
  11. Rust

    Server architecture has been changed hopefully the ddos will now stop.
  12. Rust

    Unfortunately yes mate but only a few hours so I'll be about on your crazy time zone!
  13. Rust

    Won't be on until 7GMT you still be about to show me around?
  14. Rust

    Take it servers are ok now... Aparently it was a DDOS and they haven't fixed it they just stopped so could well happen again. :(
  15. Rust

    I'm Playing! :)