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  1. Lam you have to fixed logos bro?

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    2. LamorakFCF
    3. =VG= BLuDKLoT

      =VG= BLuDKLoT

      Awesome, thx bro.

    4. LamorakFCF


      The white in the rifles was bugging me...

      VG LOGO 01-02-16  MPv01blk.png

  2. I'm in! I couldn't find the server though. Lam
  3. Link to system requirements... Lam
  4. it's all good. I've been playing for a few days and having a blast. Thought it would be a lot more fun with other people. thanks lam
  5. Anyone?
  6. I just tried to log into the server and I keep getting an error. Is it still up? Lam
  7. Just an FYI... I've been looking for servers that have a different day/night cycle. I found one I could actually stay connected to : FR11. There were only 8 people on the whole time I was there.
  8. I haven't had much time to play but got a few hours in today. I've been making my way to Devil's Castle so I can hopefully join up sometime. I'm currently at the two ponds near the oil fields south of Devil's Castle Equipment: Enfield w/ 3 mags Markarov PM w/ 4 mags Ammo: 2-AKM Mags 2-45ACP Mags 2-CZ550 Mags Misc: 6-Bandages 2-painkillers 2-Soda 4-Food 2-Water Bottles 2-Watches 1-Binoculars 1-Hatchet 1-Matches 1-Hunting Knife 1-Wire Kite Hope to hook up soon.
  9. I'm at the deer stand just South of Three Valleys. Don't have a lot. 3 bandages 1 painkiller 1 mp5a5 0 rounds 1 flashlight 1 chemlight 1 2rnd pellets 1 cz 550 mag 1 road flare 1 smoke grenade 1 steel bolt No food or water but still in the green. I've been running back and forth between the deer stand and a barn trying to find some good loot.
  10. I use Chrome and was crashing as well. I finally got an error message about Shockwave crashing. Re-installed Shockwave re-booted and it stopped. Hope this helps. Lam
  11. Thanks Outlanders that worked great.
  12. It's just kinda weird. When I pick a team it does the loading screen with the bar on the bottom. Then when it's at 80% it throws the error. Witch flashes back to where you pick you team. You can choose to ignore the error, but, It just goes back to the loading screen with no loading bar. I left it there for at least 10 mins. From what I've found on the internets most people can ignore most of the errors like this and still play fine. Still looking though...
  13. I've been trying to log on to the VG server. I get in the server. Every time I change to Blue and hit ok I get an error message. "no entry bin\config.bin/ffgweapons.m4a1_aim_sd_camo" I've looked online, but there are a ton of errors like this... Any help would be great Lam
  14. I'd be willing to help out if you need any modeling done. I currently do 3D models/textures for work. All my work has been static so far so I don't know much about rigging. Can't be that hard =P. I can build just about anything tho....