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Programming the HOTAS Cougar Throttle

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Hi Guys been a while since last post and having trouble programming the Cougars. They have been wonderful desk weights for two years. Before all my computer problems I ran across the new thrustmaster software TARGET and found it easy so I jumped right in Found it easier than the manual that came with it so... Anyway having trouble getting the RDR coursor/enable to work the T1 button is programmed to act like a mouse and does but no reaction from the RDR X and RDR Y directions at all after programming them. The Ant Elev knob if left on its own will cause the mouse pointer to run, not walk to the right or the left of the screen (even on the desktop). At present I have the Ant Elev taped to the mid position so I can use these 300 dollar paper weights. I know everyone will swear by foxy well I'll swear at TARGET but bottom line Foxy and thrustmaster original manual put me to sleep hell, I think its a comma!! Anyone out there that uses TARGET software give me a write and tell me how to solve this PLEASE!! (Foxy may be the promise land for some but it's a flat line trace to me). The game is BMS 4.32, running fine on win 7 32 bit with FF5 and Falcon 4 AF no problems, no F4Xchange installed for those wondering if win 7 will get the job done, saw a couple of question in the forum.
Thanks !help

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