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BMS 4.2 install

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AS I stated I ereased anything in the standard DNload (win 7 Page/File). I also ereased all files that had a BMS 4.32 Identifier using the RUN command in the start menu. also went to the win 7 Control Panel selected Programs and Features in the expanded menu listing and ereased anything that had BMS attached to it. Restarted my computer then DNloaded BMS 4 and the two upgates.
I then posted message to group @ 12:00 and shutoff computer for 1 hour or so, No at 6:25 pm I tried another install. I unzipped BMS 4 sent it to desktop to a new folder. opened that folder agin had three opt...s and selected setup exe with red icon. The first screen to appear was a "search internet for updates" or uninstall BMS 4 from computer. I chose look for up dates the process started verfifing BMS it had the standard screen with three options 1. undates 2. DNloaded v3. installed all three options where blank. After verfication the middle option was filled in (DNloaded) the next button came up and selected it. The building of the BMS program started, it ran from part 1 all the way through paty 8. It did come up with a screen asking if I wanted 3712 installed but a higher version47.. was installed I did not click that, it asked if wanted a desktop icon checked that (yes) asked if wanted a start menu item(listing) and checked that (yes). Last screen said BMS installed. click finished.
Low and behold a icon appeared and a start menu item appeared. I entered BMS 4 using icon and clicked launch and it came up music and all, checked several items Tac Ref, Instant Action, campigan, and theaters. all was there.
I write this for people like me that are not experienced in computer operations/IT types. I believe the removal of every annotation I could find from my computer ie. Run Command, Control panel-programs and features, and removal from (win 7) Download page helped, to finally get a good install.
My only question is why I never saw the install agreement page I never checked " I agree to insatall agreement Strange!! nor did it ever ask where Falcon 4 (have original Disc installed) was installed Strange !!!!
The bottom line is I Have BMS 4 installed, just the basic, I'm not going to config until I can get update one and two installed so it a fresh in stall for these installations.
As I think about these two updates that need to be installed and this wacky Win 7 OS it brings on a unatural fear of Win 7. But I'm reminded of FDR saying "There is nothing to fear but, Fear itself'
Anyone with more information on the proper way to install update 1 & 2 or insight please let me know what I have been doing ant't working. Kudo to Bludklot and his support in this matter thanks for all. Thanks to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for the updates !wack


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Finally got updates to install, now comes the profile building, Thanks again to all that have helped me in this process.

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