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  1. Hello everyone...

    Thanks everyone for the friendly welcome. I do play PUBG the most as well as the few other games i mentioned up above but always looking to add new games to the collection. Feel free to add me to stream friends list and discord, my name is always the same Blackice336, just leave a message that your from the VG community. I also plan on learning to stream and would like to add VG once up and running to maybe bring in new members to help out any way I can.
  2. Hello everyone...

    @CobaltUK, I'm NOT trying to come in and disrupt what has been going on since 2010 i believe. Discord is the program that was introduced to me when I started playing, I may need to download Team Speak and compare for myself I just like how easy Discord is to use and create rooms. I play mostly FPS but since I have a decent PC for the first time I have been trying all types of new games. What are the primary games that VG plays and do they do competitive play?
  3. Hello everyone...

    I am very interested in joining a group and helping the group and everyone grow and have fun. I have been a gamer since Atari and just moved from console to buying my first PC. I currently play PUBG, Hunt: Showdown, Osiris: New Dawn, along w a few smaller games. I noticed you mention the use of Team Speak but was wondering if you also use or have considered using Discord? I am in the military but don't care to spread that right now but always willing to have conversations. If this group is not what I thought then I do apologize but if so I look forward to meeting and playing with everyone.