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  1. Patrol ops 4

    Roy86 is currently developing Po4 and needs testers, he's filled all applicants but I figured it might be a shot for VG. Some of you might recall po3 that was run on the vg arma 3 server, well po4 is being totally reamped from the ground up. https://twitter.com/Roy86Au/status/654812327317909504
  2. Insurgency A3

    Went on for a test spin, seems AI tend to spawn and despawn within short time as you're moving up, at least if your undetected. No point in overwatch or sniping unless you got more people on to keep the AI plugged into the matrix ;)
  3. Insurgency A3

    Any indication from the Insurgency dev's when they'll go public? After all a open server draws more people ;)
  4. Insurgency A3

    I wouldn't worry too much about ASR_AI, simply tweak the settings a tad. In Vcom we had the ability to tweak quite a few settings, for instance their spotting distance and accuracy, allowing for some long distance engagements without the headshotting tenancies ;)
  5. Insurgency A3

    SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Hey Jager!! Not sure when we'll see a non-passworded server - for now until bugs are fixed it has to remain passworded on request of the authors. From what I can tell, AI that spawn in are under 2 groups - some will stay 'static' inside the building, others are set on patrol using UPS script. The server and HC are running @ASR_AI3 mod to handle the AI skill assignments and for somewhat smarter AI. We can try removing it or tweaking the skill values if the AI seem a bit overpowered. edit: forgot to mention - don't want to get too crazy with any changes as this mission is still a WIP and don't want any potential bugs caused by our tweaks. I'm sure there are some settings that can be tweaked in terms of engagement ranges, it's something we ( nopryl) have to look into ourself too since we ditched vcom_ai after it got broken. I'd like to say that some of these issues might be fixed by having more people on the server but it seems for 3 players that the actual multiplier is pretty crazy, seeing as I saw two full squads in operation putting fire on us as we were nearing the AO but it's doable, depending on their respawn rate. And while Stratis gives pretty decent frames it already feels pretty small :p
  6. Insurgency A3

    Funny seeing insurgency in arma 3, seems the engagement ranges are pretty rad. Nor do the AI feel constricted to any squares where they initally spawn, actually got ambushed by some dudes who walked off from their initial spawn and then moved to a different location ( Green zone we've cleared) Got caught in a pincer attack, Good fun! So when will we see a public server rather than a passworded one? :p
  7. Arma 3 - SHAPE Campaign

    That makes a grand total of 11 from our lil click.
  8. Arma 3 Alive Natofor

    They are not, two separate mods.
  9. Arma 3 Alive Natofor

    Would have liked to join but work weekend in the way >.<
  10. Arma 2 Insurgency "Gucci List"

  11. If it kinda looks like ace but isn't ace..

    Had a quick go at it, fired a pcml missile next to a car, spent about 1-2 minutes to patch myself up again :p So far all the features seems to work without any problems, not had the chance to test it on a dedicated server though.
  12. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?178253-Authentic-Gameplay-Modification&p=2697700 For you people on the bench in regards to arma 3..
  13. ARMA III Public servers

    So my findings so far after a couple of days of game play.. -Air patrols are evil. -A simple task of transporting a radio antenna or supplies is not a simple task. -A long running server is a unhappy server (AI will cease spawning and leave you a lot of hostile assets to use with no one to use them against) -Markers for missions like destroy xxxx or clear mine field from location xxxx works in a radius of about 800 meters. First task ( of the evening, server had been running for a few days ): Transport supplies roughly 10km north east -> enter convoy mode, we load up with a hunter in front, truck follows, another hunter brings up a the rear and the last hunter roams along the convoy. 1.5km from base we run into contacts which we engage on the move with support from a AH-9. The next 5km we engage patrols that pop up as we go along, make it to our designated safe town and clear the town while our truck hangs back with one of the hunters. A sneaky Ifrit disables out lead hunter and our teams divides between the remaining hunters. The last km is carefully traversed in low speed while scanning the road ahead for mines. As we enter the town hostiles are already waiting and a fire fight ensues in close quarters, casualties are taken which gives the medics something to do. The rear hunter engages in a game of "who-can-live-the-longest-under-gmg-fire" with a Ifrit, no one wins. In the meanwhile our transport out of this area is navigating the hostile zones we've covered and picks up a few Kajman tails ( 5 in total ) they annihilate the Ghost hawk and soon turn their attention to ground forces, someone manages to unload the supplies from the truck or it simply is unloaded when the truck is hit. Either way task complete, shortly after our ground forces are destroyed by the join venture of 5 Kajmans ( Hence, air patrols are evil ) Our Friendly AI controlled AH-99 is easily shot down by hostile forces or he was drinking on the job. Next task: Destroy an enemy arty pos Worried about our previous Air contact we man a AA tank and head off towards the ao and engage one Kajman on the way, No fucks where given and the Kajman keeps it's eastern bound patrol after popping flares while we keep heading south east. Upon arriving in the AO ground forces has arrived in hunters and report in roughly 20 art pieces with T-100's, BTR-k's, Marid's and Ifrit's roaming the land. A very long mission indeed but still no Kajman to worry about, still ground troops manage to scratch a lot of paint off the AA tank so we park it in a safe location. 10 minutes later a wild Kajman appears and starts engaging everything in visual range, casualties are taken but one of the ground forces is able to take the Kajman out as it circles low to drop off a fireteam. Bullets, explosions, mayham and an uneasy extraction is made after all the arty pieces are destroyed. Some of the vehicles and static weapons were not in use by opfor. Next task: Remove a minefield Nixxen joins in the fray and finds a bounding mine aaaand disables it with his face, a lot of time is wasted trying to find these mines going by the description that the task gave us. It's not till much later that we expand our search radius to cover a nearby town that we actually find the remaining mines. The first two mines being roughly 100m away from the marker, the rest almost 400m away so the only good intel we got from the task description was that the mines would be found on roads "nearby" the designated complex. While we were clearing the minefield no enemies were spotted. Next task: Capture a opfor general My team halo drops into the zone and progress towards the target, no active contacts encountered, some nervous looking opfor officer is rounded up after some chasing and team lead welcomes him into the squad. Officer is dropped off by the base, not a single shot fired. Next task: Defend outpost Again, being rather skeptical about enemy presence I halo drop into the AO alone and encounter a small Opfor recon team, the remaining forces arrive just shortly after to put an end to the remaining forces in the area. The next 10 minutes are spent firing at empty vehicles that spawn in the area ( being islands a click or two off the coast of the objective ). Decide to restart the mission and it works again, ai is being spawned in. Overall I'd say there is still some issues to be figured out in terms of where AI spawn because if your in a coastal area the task can easily bug. If your inland the task seems to be able to spawn the correct units. Battlegroup Xtra is testing a restart after 12 tasks has been completed, 3 is no problem but depending on the tasks it might not even last an hour so 12 should be enough for at least two decent sessions.
  14. ARMA III Public servers

    Patrol Ops is a pretty cool game mode, as it stands less than 10 servers run it. It is also possible to do a "reboot" of the mission after a set amount of tasks has been completed.