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  1. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover General

    How are folks getting on with this game? I have yet to see an active server online but only checked a couple of times. I guess there might be more performance related patches as its a bit of a brute, i have my settings at medium currently and even then its a little bit laggy. Finally bagged my first confirmed kill today ... bit disappointed there was no smoke but that might be my settings, poor guy had to ditch in the drink! Nearly followed him in as I was so busy making sure he was a goner.
  2. x-52

    Sorted... issue was the mapping internally in the game settings. It seemed to want my throttle control to give it the axis direction. Sorted and flown a few sorties ... need to find the setting that makes you hit things though, and not crash planes.
  3. x-52

    It is odd, it recognises the throttle ok, il sift through and see whats doing with the profile etc. I had issues with windows 7 64bit and flying in falcon AF. Think its due to having the non pro version of the 52.
  4. x-52

    Cheers for the quick replies. its with the new cliffs of dover game. I do have a cyborg stick but i much prefer the x-52. No worries il have a browse and report back on anything that I find. Anyone here done a multiplayer flight with it yet? :D
  5. f4af online?

    hey, been checking this thread, tried to get on using that ip address and it says that server has timed out? Anything that I am missing out on? I have tried to setup port forwarding incase my routers stopping it from connecting. Cheers, Jend.
  6. x-52

    Hi guys, Just checking, is anyone else having trouble with their standard x-52 in this game (not the pro) Maybe i need to programme it but the joystick does not control the aircraft. Any thoughts? If its dead easy to fix please make it sound complicated so I don't look too stupid!! :) Cheers, Jend.
  7. Cheers for that, got it up on my steam browser right now debating a preorder or not! So very tempting. I have money on me caving and pre ordering it. :D
  8. Well the graphical glitches sound worrying, have you experience them? I havent bought a full price game in a while so just wanted to hear from a trusted source that yes it was as in depth and good as previous IL games/falcons and worth paying out the money for? I lovedthe battle of brtain two wings of victory game so would hope that this game would be as fun but with a multiplayer side that works well to boot. Plus it would be another pc co op game. Hoping that I can get games running as well as the time to play a bit of co op with you guys. was on your PR server early learning the hard way .... shot a couple folks that werent enemies :S blue on blue happens in RL so i guess the game highlights how well trained folks are. Cheers in advance for any feedback Outlanders!
  9. Trailer looks awesome!! those screenshots do not :S anyone found a hands on preview or even a review of it onlin yet? I think i have the 46 or original version so il have to dust that off and update it too. On an aside, anyone flying with an x52 setup in windows 7 64it? Jend.
  10. Ah yeah, thats the one i downloaded. Just installing it now. I will pop on to ts another night soon, I have spent a couple hours trying to troubleshoot and will try another couple of things tomorrow to get it sorted. I can still fly but its not ideal. Hopefully Project reality is an easier job to sort out. Any further trouble and I will post up in the tech help/AF area of the forum :D
  11. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome, what game is it your on mostly just now? Project reality with battlefield two? The issue is with the micro mouse i guess it is on the x52 throttle, it does not programme correctly with a profile that i like to use, it doesnt slew the radar and also the pickle and guns buttons on the joystick dont work when in AF althought they function fine on the programming application. I am running windows 7 64 bit but havent tried running AF or the profile thing in compatability mode. wondered if it was that mod that your server uses? or if anyone else had those issues. I cant fly in formation though, saw some of your videos and you guys look pretty good. I have downloaded Project reality and openfalcon (but yet to install) so hope to get a game with you guys in the next few nights. Glad to see armed assault on the playlist!! great game. Jend
  12. Hi guys, Jend here, stumbled across this website when looking for falcon 4 allied force stuff. Looks like a great site and I have quite a few games that you guys have up and running, il have to dust some of them off. Love playing co-ops with my mate locally on xbox and sometimes pc with bad company 2. Pretty busy in RL at the moment but hoping i can get some time in gaming with you guys if all goes well. Oh and anyone here fly falcon AF and use an x52 and windows 7 64bit? having trouble with it after i upgraded it all as is needed to play on the server with you guys.... I was hoping to put some practice in before flying/crashing on your server. Cheers Jend.