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  1. bonglord420 and cornflinger are intentional team killing, pls ban them, today it was really FK. Satturday 23.11.2019 Its not possible to play, they kill everyone.
  2. I got a Ban

    I didnt spam nades to last flag while mates running there. The whole team was on last flag and startet firing on cars in a big carport, me too with my grenadier, and 2 Team mates decide to run to the cars and in my nade. shortly before the Round ends. @ Hoops0320 i wrote everything in my Text what you need. Game; BF 2 Project Reality Veterans Gaming Coop Server Nick:TF47OR-6Hausmann Last Friday Evening 8.November.2019 Team Kill Accident with Grenade I follow strictly the rules, this was an accident at the end of round while everyone firing on cars in a carport shortly before the round ends. It was not a pretentious act, something like intended team killing would never come to my mind. It was an accident and the admin has made because of too many disturbers on that day a wrong decision in my eyes and I would be very happy if I am released again. I appreciate this rigor and rules in this game and server and therefore I like to come back again and again, this incident was a stupid Mistake (final destination style) and in the future I will also end the round when everyone starts to spin, making sure not to make any mistakes. Thank you very much
  3. I got a Ban

    Hello everybody, Last friday I was banned by the PR VG Coop Server. Username TF47OR-6Hausmann. At the end of a map at the last flag point, everyone had gathered near a big carport and started firing at the vehicles, I did the same with my grenadier, and with one of my flying grenades, two teammates are at the point I shot for run and were unfortunately caught by the explosion. I apologized immediately. I follow strictly to the rules and have never noticed otherwise by TKs or other and would ask for my ban to lift again. It was an accident and I think the admins reaction is overdrawn. Other users are warned before something happens, I do 1 Mistake and immediately was banned. Not nice. Greets Hausmann.