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    Been a while since I've been around. work work work -- game game game. Played on the BF2 serer many many times and had a great time. Starting my old Anticheat site back up. Revamped it and rebuild the reporting system. Feel free to swing by and have a look when ya can and have a quick read. Tells you what we're all about. Rules of Combat is dedicated to the acceptance & investigation of players & player reports who have been found to be in direct violation of the games ToS - (Terms of Service) agreement as set forth by the game makers and game developers. We provide players, server administrators and game server providers with a platform in which to report these violations directly. With our revamped reporting system, the player, server administrator or game server provider can submit reports to us that will then be investigated and further evidence gathered by ourselves, verified then forwarded to the proper game administration respectively. We also provide server administration and assist server administrators with the tools they need to catch and protect their servers against cheaters, hackers and abusive players on a global level. Rules of Combat is a community wide support system and launching platform for all game community members, clans, groups and game server providers to employ. We provide on site in game server intervention when requested as part of our clan protection & game community integration. Our mission is simple. Provide the global gaming community with a support system that works and they can depend on. Have a good one ! Rules of Combat