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  1. Hello guys :)

    First I would like to thank you all. I have currently some problems in the system because my laptop can't support PR v1.0 now. I'm waiting a new pc in 2014. I keep in touch with you when I come back in game.
  2. Hello guys :)

    hvr1 LAN_WROTE ... Hey Solo. I think I seen you in game sometime. You probably hear on my PR Mumble because I chat too much but hey when the AT's out of ammo I give. Hey that's right. It was a long time ago.
  3. Hello guys :)

    Thanks. I'll bring myMillenium Falcon tonight :P See you in Game
  4. Hello guys :)

    Hello, my name is Jean-Philippe . It's french I know. I'm living in south West of france. I am 24. I work in a hotel to the front desl and I have been playing on PR via bf2 for more than 2 years. I just want to use my english I studied in Oxford so that's why I am here by the way. I played a lot of times on your server which is excellent. I can see a lot of serious guy moving in a squad. I discussed some time with admins on the game. Everybody were friendly. And I like this kind of mod which is the most realistic in the world from my point of view. I have just searched a kind of maturity and I have found Veterans Gaming coop. My average time per week is around 5 hours if I am free... Otherwise It's a pleasure to meet each other on this server. You could recognize me under my nickname Iansolo. May the force be with you ! :)