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  1. it all happened about three hours ago I was on the carrier, when SpoconyPelikan TKed me for no reason... then I started recording: at 2 seconds he TKs Aleshea with the chopper at 3 min he TKs again at 4:37 he TKs mindex77277892223415, who teamkills me with grenade and another guy a few seconds later mindex teamkills me again with the chopper, then he wastes the chopper at 7:35 into the ocean (Teamkilling me again) at 9:35 crostaRRR teamkills a guy with the forklifter There was also a guy by the name of Orion, he was soloing cobra and wasting chopper into the ocean (he TKed me and left the server) Thx
  2. Please ban FinnishPower905

    Lots of TKs and playing like an idiot, just an example: Also, can you P-L-E-A-S-E enable "PUNISH TK"? Yesterday this guy teamkilled like 20 times, and was still on the server TY
  3. Please ban FinnishPower905

    well i have played in the last two days and seen tons of tks... maybe just a coincidence? dunno... thx anyways... about the TS, have reinstalled it now
  4. Please BAN: 0331 SchwackerSix

    So, I wasn't talking on mumble due to mic not working very well, but I was playing with my Squad... Then my SL asked to destroy the AA, so I grabbed an Enginner kit and placed a C4 on it... It so happens that when I was doing that, this guy standed right next to it and got killed by me... I didn't have time to alert there was a C4 on it Then he got mad and started with bad language, and typed this: As I said I would post this here, he left the game It all happened 30 minutes ago... Thx
  5. GoldenEagle and xX-=Arrow-=Xx

    hes playing now, on the opfor team: please BAN him...
  6. PVTS.Hartel

    I was playing a great game yesterday, when I had to be AFK for just 5 minutes... so I parked the APC in the repair station. As soon as I got back, this kid (must be 13 or younger) TKed me for no reason He also used profanity, insulting me and other players Here are the proofs: BAD LANGUAGE: http://s23.postimg.org/hec3ini23/BF2_2013_05_20_22_15_52_88.jpg TEAMKILLING: http://s23.postimg.org/8ymj15f6z/BF2_2013_05_20_22_28_58_50.jpg TEASING ME AFTER TEAMKILLING ME: http://s23.postimg.org/e13uvxoh7/BF2_2013_05_20_22_29_39_85.jpg ANOTHER TEAMKILL: http://s23.postimg.org/53j4ykw17/BF2_2013_05_20_22_30_17_86.jpg BAD LANGUAGE AGAIN, TEAMKILL: http://s23.postimg.org/639fuab6z/BF2_2013_05_20_22_30_28_41.jpg HE ADMITS TEAMKILLING ME: http://s23.postimg.org/wfedzx0rv/BF2_2013_05_20_22_33_43_32.jpg Here, I was trying to get a ride in his APC... I didn't walk in front of the APC like he said, just see the video... but he moved and killed me. After that, he calls me "idiot" and calls the other players "dumbasses" Then, he insults again another player calling him "stupid arrogant troll" Then again, he admits shooting me the first time when I did nothing to him Also, it is not the first time this kid causes trouble... including in other servers... I think it's about time he gets a perma BAN ROUND ENDS, THIS SHOWS I WAS PLAYING SERIOUSLY: (+4000 points, 164 kills) http://s23.postimg.org/mxemzvf3f/BF2_2013_05_20_22_45_23_49.jpg I could have played even better, if he hadn't killed me in the APC, making me lose it Thank you guys, great Server as always btw
  7. PVTS.Hartel

    Melon Muncher =VG= LAN_WROTE ... I practically live in the teamspeak channel, just jump in and yell at me, even if my mic is muted, TS3.veterans-gaming.com I'll happily jump in and deal with any smacktards. thx didnt no that
  8. PVTS.Hartel

    BLuDKLoT =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Thanks Sang, he'll be banned when we see him again. Sorry man. thx man