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  1. Cheating at the Pump?

    I know of a station in South Georgia that was shut down for this. They were caught doing it even after being warned by the state. He advertised a ridiculously low price to entice customers and was actually making more profit than those stations around him by a long shot. These are the weasels that give capitalism a bad rep.
  2. windows 8

    Exactly why more and more people are making the switch to Linux. M$ has always loved to force you to buy stuff that will run the software that THEY want to build.
  3. What to do, what to do?

    I found that out last night. Flew another BARCAP, only this time as second ship. Had to stay in the burner to keep up. Finally just let him go and cruised at my usual 400 to 420. I went bingo at just about 30 minutes. Got the go ahead to head to home plate and just made it there.
  4. What to do, what to do?

    I flew a BARCAP tonite the result of which puzzles me. I got dinged for leaving early, but I had to. When I quizzed my wingie as to his fuel state, he said "Bingo." Not wanting my man to go down that way, I requested relief from Chalice. No go. I stayed as long as I could, requesting relief several times, and was denied every time. My first question is, why did my wingie run out of go juice so quick? We were only 15 minutes into a 32 minute BARCAP. Second, why won't AWACS grant relief when you say you're bingo? And the biggest question, what was I to do? Should I have told him RTB and remain on station? Should we both have stayed and see if we could have recovered at alternate? Or, did I do the right thing by leaving station even though the time wasn't completed?
  5. Guess it's time

    Been here a couple of weeks now, so I think it's time I let you know who I am. Name's Brian and I'm a simaholic. More specifically, a flight simaholic. I fly MSFS, X-Plane, and Falcon4 BMS. Used to be a member of Frugalsworld until Mark had to take the site down, and I recognize a few others here from Frug's. Good to see you all. I look forward to chattin', and flying here at =VG=. Weapons Free!
  6. Falcon 4 AF

    OK, got that sorted. I think I read a bit to much into that section of the manual. Next on the TODO list, study up on deploying ordinance. It's a bit different in BMS I noticed. Can anybody recommend which manual to use for that?
  7. Falcon 4 AF

    Much appreciated, Brian. I deviated slightly, but the framerates are still very good and the sim looks excellent. My next problem is setting up the radios. I can't seem to figure it out from the manual. I have read thru the "Radios in the Falcon4 World" chapter, but it makes no sense to me. Is there a tutorial on it somewhere, preferably video? I want you all to know that I very much appreciate your patience with me.
  8. Falcon 4 AF

    Thanks guys. I have been playing around with BMS today, and seem to have really low framerates everywhere. I have tried lowering all the settings. Shutting off all background proggies, and I shut down AV. All to no avail. I can't get above 12 or 13 fps, and most of the time it's 4 or 5 fps. I noticed it's better in HUD only view, but still not good. I read at the BMS website that turning off V Sync will help, but on my machine, that makes it worse. I am running a fairly stout machine, so I would expect 19 or 20 fps, but can't seem to get there. Any suggestions? My specs are as follows: AMD Phenom II Quad Core at 3.0 Ghz 4G DDR2 RAM Nvidia GeForce 9500GT 1G VRAM Win 7 32bits DirectX 11 @RAM22, I remember you as well. I check in on Grumble and all the refugees from time to time. Seems like a lot of them have kinda lost interest as they don't get online much. I haven't seen ACOG (Rivver) on in ages. Good to see some familiar faces around here though.
  9. Falcon 4 AF

    Now why didn't I think of that? Thanx, Harlequin. Works like a charm now.
  10. Falcon 4 AF

    Hey guys. Some of you may know me from Frugalsworld (boy don't I wish Mark would bring that back), and I am also one of the guys that EagleIII is talking about trying to get back into Falcon. However, I am having much difficulty with Falcon 4 BMS. I have reinstalled twice, the second time with AV turned off and I ran it as admin. The problem I am having is getting the sim to even start up. It goes to the black screen with the airplane cursor and stops. The funny thing is, once in awhile it starts up ok. I have tried to notice any condition that might be different when it does go good, but haven't come up with anything yet. I have tried running the exe in compatibility mode for XP (I am running Win 7 32bit), with Visual Themes disabled. Still no joy. I did notice something a bit strange though. When I open up my task mgr. and go to the processes, I notice that it is using 430,000 k of memory or more. Seems a bit high, and I only have 4G of RAM anyway. I can trim the memory in the task mgr I use and it goes back down to about 2200k which is fine, but the program still doesn't continue into the sim. Can anyone think of anything I am not doing or doing wrong? It's good to see everyone, and I look forward to spending time here at VG. BB