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  1. battlefield 2 install from disk

    ok that gave me a debug assertion fail! Version:1.1.2965-797.0 Build date:2006-9-26 17:53 Module: Rendx9 File: D:\Aphrodite\BF2_1.4Code\BF2\RendDx9\VideoOptions.cpp Line:234 Text:Unknown DynamicOption value 800x600 thanks melon my weekend is over thanks again sir
  2. battlefield 2 install from disk

    bf2 pr hasn't been installed i get a black screen and crash to desk top.
  3. battlefield 2 install from disk

    thanks lazlo i went to the easyinfo for BF2 it failed on the display memory so i took the 2 GTX 560s out and put a gtx 750 in witch did not help.so the 560s are going back in and i will start over and try what you said here.and yes long time we had good times and bad times i was gonna say ups and downs but i thought that might sound funny between two dudes.....see ya soon
  4. battlefield 2 install from disk

    well ok i surrender i have installed and uninstalled BF2 a half dozen times.i have installed with punk buster and with out punk buster also compatibility mode for windows xp 2 and 3.also went to the vidio.con folder to change the resolution to 1176 664 60HZ witch is my monitor. updated my gforce video cards witch could be the problem not sure ...all im getting is no PR for you!!
  5. battlefield 2 install from disk

  6. battlefield 2 install from disk

    my computer is asus sabertooth 990 fx r2.0, cpu is amd fx 8350,8 gb ram, 2 gtx 560 sli,windows 7 64 and one terabyte hard drive ok install battlefield 2 complete collection and when i am asked to run or load the game initially i get a black screen and crash to desk top. i have read the forms but all are for steam not the disc changed my resolution that didn't help so here i am i think i have everything for PR i just cant get past launching battlefield.
  7. DAYZ Incident Report

    help i died this is Pig.i died from some glitch at 8 PM central time from unknown causes.i was driving a pickup white kinda stopped and i fell out of the truck dead the truck was damaged at the time right after a server restart.can you help with my character?=VG=Speirs and Echo where close to me when this happened but they did not see me die.
  8. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    went beck and the tents where gone and the ural?
  9. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    why do i have a G36C SD (camo) on dayZ??
  10. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    i will find it!!!
  11. Gamer Tags

    PiG-FaRMer PS3 !wife after battle feild thing i dont play mutch
  12. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    well we dont realy have one i am lookin for a stable server where we can save vehicles and every thing in them i curantly have seceral vehicles on several different servers but when the servers reset the vehicles stay where i save them but have nothin in them my busses tractors and trucks with not mutch loot in them??so next time i see you on ill try to group up coo
  13. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    script kiddie thats messed!last week i got a boat to go to the island to check for a chopper and of cource i got cold got sick then i got hungry and needed water every thing was blinking and the server reset came up ok pulled over to heal eat and drink loged for the reset came back to the boat and it was stuck on the beach never made it to the island.so i started north in a different server with one guy on it soon as i logged in i fall over dead with broken bones WTF ok left that server joined another empty server at the beach with a death day 30 somethin and no gear no even a back pack.s basicaly tent hunting on us 88 witch i found with every thing blinking again.but still mad it to tent city west side of the map.so far this cheractor should have died at least 4 times that i can remember.he does have a story it ant prety but he survives to this day.all this from the ARMAII dayz noob
  14. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    day 41 overwatch on a ural me and pasngas about 200 meters from the vehicle.set 2 bear traps on it tryin to figure out where we can get the parts to fix his big truck we are prety clost to eachother and all the sudden we here something in spanish and loud music?turn my head right left ear turn my head left right ear man this is close like inbetween us and its loud scope up with the l85 nothin on thermals bang bang bang right on top of me hour glass bleeding fast fuck what the hell pass is out im alone still bleeding ok wait for it wait for it and nothin hmm by time the hour glass was done i had 3000 blood and a pistol in hand look around and bandage im alive look around nothin didnt see nobody ok im out new server!me and pass talked about it and this guy had to be invisable and a comidian good music though any way join us 129 eat and move got my blood up to 6500 im alive i didnt die pas found me gave me blood ok basecamp on we go i didnt loose a thing this guy didnt take nothin odd stll woundering why didnt i die? any way day 41 over 1700 zed kills 600 head shots on this caracter now caryin a silenced m4 with all the goodies...any way carry on hooaa