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      Thank you all for your patience this Saturday!  We had a bit of an issue with the PR COOP Server that started as a simple editing error, and you can blame me because I approved the !rules edit, then outsourced the task to someone I've just began training to help manage the PR COOP Server files (one of only 5 people, including myself) and things went sideways with some missing commas in the Admins python - then, unrelated I'm assuming, our entire AI folder was wiped possibly during the 5+ hours of troubleshooting that happened before I woke up.  The R-DEV Alon was kind enough to help me troubleshoot my dump files and logs in Discord, and I got it all back online after that.

      TMI -- Server back online, and that's why it was offline.  Won't happen again like this, making new SOP's and communications protocols among those of us with file access.  Cheers!


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  1. World Of Tanks.

    I just got this a week or so ago, havent been a VG member for very long either. Any way to get into the clan or should i wait? running IV's and V's currently, alot of fun with 2, and 3 as well. VI's looks like alot of waiting and sniping, instead of actually playing. but ill always own my smaller ones