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  1. can't connect to the ts server

    sorry for the late reply, thanks for the tips
  2. can't connect to the ts server

    I need help about teamspeak, everytime i try to connect to the teamspeak server, it will get disconnected from the server because of "the time difference between the server and client is too large", do i need to change my timezone to the one where the server is located ? or is it because of the latency will be too large from where i live from ?
  3. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Let's hope the dev can work this out as soon as possible, and heck yeah, working forklift and working smoke against AI, can't for trying those out.
  4. Hello there~

    Hello ladies and gentleman, it's Mr_riddle here. I finally decided to join the forum after a few weeks re-playing PR on the VG COOP server. About my real name, you guys can call me Archi, i'm 22 years old and come from south east asia country of Indonesia. i hope to be more active and in touch now that i have my own account on the forum. Nice to meet you all, and i hope we can get along just fine.