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  1. New here, is this squad still active?

    I should be available every evening except for Sunday (I'll let you guys know if my schedule changes). How often do you guys fly and how big is the squad?
  2. New here, is this squad still active?

    I was an active IL-2 1946 player in the past, and I'm currently part of a DCS squad; the DCS F-15 is an excellent plane, but I cannot justify buying the DCS F-16 for $40 when I already have Falcon 4 BMS. It looks like most of the posts here are from 2018 or older; does anyone in the squad still fly? Also, do we have a schedule for mission events? Also, does anybody know what the most realistic BMS planes are besides the F-16 (the BMS F-15's roll rate is obscenely high compared to the DCS F-15, but at least it has a clickable cockpit)?