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  1. New here, is this squad still active?

    I’m still new-ish to BMS, but not Falcon in general. Just looking to “put it all together” online. It’s the flight coordination, comms, IFF/datalink etc.. that I can’t train in single player other than all of the reading I’ve done and YouTube videos. anyways I’ll look for you guys on discord soon.
  2. New here, is this squad still active?

    What time of day are most people online? I’m a late night owl Pacific time. Usually 2000-2300. Early mornings as well. With the kids not in school, that killed my 6 hours of man cave time during the day. 😂😞.
  3. I’m back

    Hey guys. It’s been a long time. Hope everyone is well. Last time I flew here was back in the FreeFalcon days (2010-2011). Life happened after that. Anyways, Falcon 4 is calling me again. BMS looks good and has matured over the years. Gotta reinstall it all and hop online with y’all. btw, my original VG profile was deleted. Had to create a new one. What gives?!