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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!


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    Banned Username:Lans What Server: BattleField 2 Project Reality Veterans Gaming Coop When Did This Happen: In Night (31.August.2019) *edit: he means July Reason you were banned: Iput c4 on huey (chopper) but exactly the c4 fall in ground Describe the events leading up to your ban: Iput the c4 on the chopper after that the driver who drive the huey report me to the admin and igot ban Personal Statement: Ilike this server and inever do a tk (team kill) when iput the c4 in the chopper the c4 fall in the ground and idid it just for kidding Thank you

    WELL HELLO TODAY ITRY TO JOIN VETRANS GAMING SERVER But I am surprised that I have been banned from the server idont know why igot ban and ihope the admins help me or tell me why igot ban cuz this is the only server iplay and His my favorite server GAME NAME: Lans DATE OF THE BAN : 31/7/2019