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  1. Hi, I'm Scott, Falcon BMS flyer, getting back in the saddle!

    Bludklot and Eclipse, thanks for the support. I see her every weekday, she is a teacher aide at the school I teach at! 4 days of the week she is in my classroom. Won't give back the ring, left me in debt from the wedding which I mostly paid for. Claimed back in September that she had a lawyer and that I was getting divorce papers in two weeks, which ended up being another lie. Its such a sad situation. We got married at the school last summer in the Eucharistic Chapel, got special permission from the local pastor, who is a really great guy who has given me a lot of support. I love her, but also I have to protect myself, its been nuts. All of teachers have been very supportive of me, I have been there 18 years, they know who I am, and they saw with their own eyes what she has done, but I still feel so bad for her too. As I said, its the hardest thing I have gone through. Now for something much lighter. I just got most of the new 4.34 manuals from Lulu, but there was one hilarious mistake, I received a book called (A Practical Guide for Forest School Leaders) instead of the Dash 34 manual. I wonder if some forest ranger just got a book on the weapons systems of the F-16! Heck, I'm a history teacher and a wannabe fighter pilot who likes to go for hikes in the woods, but I ain't no Forest Ranger. How the heck did they mess this one up, lol! At least the other 5 books were correct.
  2. Hi, I'm Scott, Falcon BMS flyer, getting back in the saddle!

    Thanks guys!
  3. Hi guys! I just talked to Semler PDX via pm at Benchmark Sims about joining your group. I am a 42 year old Junior High Social Studies teacher who watched Iron Eagle and Top Gun way too much as a kid, and Iron Eagle made me become obsessed with the F-16. I purchased Facon 4.0 back when if first came out at Kmart where I worked back then as I was going through college! I still have the original Binder/Manual. Of course the game wouldn't really run on my computer back then and it was put on the back shelf for many years. Three or four years ago I discovered Falcon BMS just as 4.33 was coming out, and I became obsessed. Over time I upgraded my hotas to a Warthog, got the thrust master MFDs, got track IR, Thrustmaster Pedals, even Andre's Jet Seat. I upgraded to a 55 inch Sony HD TV, and last year upgraded my computer to an Alienware Aurora R7, which will be taking me a bit to pay off. (How can a private school teach afford this? Bank Robbing and lots and lots of Tutoring after school and in the summer. More of the later, since jail would take away from my flight time.) I took a break for about a year and a half with Falcon BMS. Fell in love, got married last summer, June 16th, but she immediately became distant and different as soon as I started moving in, and 7 weeks after the wedding I was forced to leave, and lots and lots of crazy stuff happened. Found out that she most likely has something called Borderline Personality Disorder. I love her with every fiber of my being, but she is really gone off the deep end, and has been promising me divorce papers since last September. Its been the hardest thing I have faced in my life so far. So now I am getting back to being me, and flying is where my heart is. I also enjoy Witcher 3, Assassins Creed Odyssey, X 4 foundations, Total War Warhammer 2 and Attilla, Il Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Britain Blitz, and Hearts of Iron IV, and many more strategy and fantasy games. I love to hike, teach history, and I am currently watching Game of Thrones and Cobrai Kai Season 2. I also love college basketball and football, though I do watch the NBA playoffs since there is no more College Basketball for a bit. I am Catholic, I have taught at the same private Catholic School for 18 years, and I love it! I'm looking to learn how to fly the F-16, right now I can do some air to air combat, and that is about it, but I plan on reading the Dash 1 manual, the Comms Nav Book, and then I will once again attempt to do all of the training missions. I hope to have more time to fly starting the second week of June. I am definitely looking for some very very patient people to help me learn to fly, but its probably best that I go through those training missions as a start. Well, that is my life story in about a page, lol. Hopefully it wasn't too much, but I do hope to get involved here and I thought that I should share my story.