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  1. Yes, correct on both accounts Thanks again
  2. thanks guys. appreciate the replies Cpt Hawk, thanks for the link. It got me there in the end cheers
  3. Hi all. I have original A10C dvd in original box i bought several years ago with genuine key. However my computer doesnt have a DVD drive. Does anyone know if i can download from DCS and use my key? Am I making sense? Thanks in advance aspiteri9
  4. Falcon BMS 4.33 won’t launch in MFD extracted mode.

    Thanks again guys. Th reinstall appears to have fixed it. Didn’t take long at all to reinstall. Good idea to save a copy of your config files for key bindings etc. Cheers
  5. Falcon BMS 4.33 won’t launch in MFD extracted mode.

    Thanks semler i think I’m outta options. I’ll qgive it a go. cheers
  6. Falcon BMS 4.33 won’t launch in MFD extracted mode.

    Thanks cobalt. yeah deleted that file and checked the resolutions. yes it runs fine without external displays. Only when I check the box does it fail to start. if I reinstall do I need to do all the updates? Thanks again
  7. Hi all. Ive have upgrade 5 and Ii had it all working fine the last couple of months whilst I had projector as screen and multiple external MFDS etc. two days ago I replaced projector with my dads old 42 inch tv. The game will function correctly on the tv. However, when I set to external MFDs, the game won’t even start. “Falcon BMS has stopped working”. Photos attached. Ive tried much of what’s been said online, most of which was some years ago. I’m reluctant to reinstall as I haven’t changed anything from when it was working apart from the projector. any one else seen this or have any suggestions? many thanks
  8. Is AI buddy lasing possible? thanks.
  9. BMS Falcon, I have no Harrier or Viggen??

    Thanks all. Much appreciated. As Cobalt and Semler suggested. Made my day. Cheers
  10. Hello all, lots of good stuff on this site. This is my first post/question. I have just finished updating BMS from update 1 through to update5. As a result, I thought i would get the extra a/c. I dont have the Harrier or Viggen. Has anyone had this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks