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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!


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  1. Howdy y'all!

    Gaming since 286 computers... Flew C-130 for 10 glorious years... Looking forward to new adventures and finding new ways to crash and burn with Falcon 4! I am a PRO at that!! Anything else? See bio.
  2. Hi! Returning to Falcon 4 and BMS. Latest iteration of Windows 10 64 Bit/NVidia 1080 card/32 gigs ram/yatta yatta 4k monitor Even thou setup says 3840 X 2160, once I go into sim itself, looks BAD. The text in cockpit is almost unreadable, the scenery looks like a Minecraft game. The airplanes outside are jagged sticks. When I completely exit game, it looks like it was running at a lower resolution than 4k, since any open windows got resized. What am I doing wrong? How can I make it right? I'll hang up and listen... ** UPDATE ** https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?33518-Bms-launches-in-low-resolution-(not-menu) "Right click Falcon BMS shortcut, select properties, then compatibility tab and then check Disable full screen optimizations. Then click OK and run Falcon BMS." Worked beautiful!