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  1. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro question, BMS 4.35

    Well dang it.... missed it! Holidays and all... I'll tinker around. In the SETUP I see my particular joystick listed. Thanks!
  2. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro question, BMS 4.35

    Hi! BMS keyfile? I installed BMS4.35 and that was it... I need to do something else? I can go from dark in ramp, take off, fly, land... but no trigger...
  3. Hi! During ramp start, I am supposed to check Air Condition on to prevent instruments from overheating. Fine. But the ELBOW REST is in the way, completely blocking the panel, and moving mouse around does not changes the cursor to be able to "guess" and turn the knobs in said panel. Any ideas? Suggestions?
  4. Hi! New with BMS 4.35 Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick. In the SETUP, CONTROLLERS, the joystik is listed, screen it shows the button one (trigger) as fire weapon. 1) Master Arm on 2) AA on 3) Guns selected 4) Squeeze trigger... nothing happens. I swear I can hear the boogie laughing... Ideas? Suggestions? Still on the fence on investing in a HOTAS setup, Track IR.
  5. Howdy y'all!

    Gaming since 286 computers... Flew C-130 for 10 glorious years... Looking forward to new adventures and finding new ways to crash and burn with Falcon 4! I am a PRO at that!! Anything else? See bio.
  6. Hi! Returning to Falcon 4 and BMS. Latest iteration of Windows 10 64 Bit/NVidia 1080 card/32 gigs ram/yatta yatta 4k monitor Even thou setup says 3840 X 2160, once I go into sim itself, looks BAD. The text in cockpit is almost unreadable, the scenery looks like a Minecraft game. The airplanes outside are jagged sticks. When I completely exit game, it looks like it was running at a lower resolution than 4k, since any open windows got resized. What am I doing wrong? How can I make it right? I'll hang up and listen... ** UPDATE ** https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?33518-Bms-launches-in-low-resolution-(not-menu) "Right click Falcon BMS shortcut, select properties, then compatibility tab and then check Disable full screen optimizations. Then click OK and run Falcon BMS." Worked beautiful!