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Mini event, Russians, TOMORROW

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throwing together a mini event for tomorrow(Saturday) starts at 1800 GMT(you can join earlier or later if you want), we?ll be playing as Russians on FATA MSO,

Required mods:

@FATA not on Six, download link -> http://www.veterans-gaming.com/download.php?view.196
No roles will be assigned, just join and have fun, i?ve invited the guys from LAMBS as well.

Six-updater repo link:
(you will still need to add @fata** manually as well as any client-side mods: JSRS, ACEX_SM, st_movement)

**For FATA in SixUpdater, you must select it as a Local Mod (under Mod tab, near bottom of screen - see this image: SixUp Local Mod Selection.png )

MSO mission can take a few minutes to initialize when you first join... please be patient

Edit: ORDER 225, Any member of the armed Russian forces that spends more than 5 minutes at the weapon crates picking the most "Tacticool" weapons will be executed.

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BTRs, BMPs, BDRMs... oh my

40 slots plus one Civilian admin slot

Most MSO modules are disabled - we will be using MCC Sandbox

DAC enabled patrol groups and respawn camps

ACE Revive script

Domi repair and rearm script for vehicles and choppers

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