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Things I could use help with...



Sup gents,

So while trying to get the site dialed in and get myself familiarized with the new features I've noticed lots of cool new things! First, I'm trying to get all =VG= guys into the group named "VG Clan Members" and also to get active and contributing VG guys displayed on the staff page.  BUT, there are so many VG guys who have left, but not officially left, that I'm not sure who to put in the Staff Directory. My goal is to add all current active members and contributors to the Staff Directory, while adding all VG clan guys into to VG Clan Member Group. If you can help me with this by adding people to their respective groups I'd appreciate it. Also, all VG guys will have moderator access, so if you need permissions send me a PM. However, only certain VG guys will have full site admin. Mod's can do everything required to help manage the site and police the forums. All I ask is that you don't change anything, or mess with any settings that you do not clearly understand. If you have any questions just ask me first before you do anything you're not sure of. I'm also trying to get the download section finished, if you can help with uploading and listing files please let me know. I appreciate the help getting things in order. We're also working on getting the old rank system set up to work on this site and we have a few other surprises on the way. Thanks to everyone for their support and love for our community. 

much love,


(could also use gfx for the user selected backgrounds in the theme. I'm just using old banners, I'm sure we could do better!) 


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