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    PC gaming. Airsoft. PC building. And much more.
  1. Away time

    thanks for all the hints and ideas to try and fix it i did everything and at the end i desided to just reinstall the PC in a final hope that it works so let's see IF i can play witout bluescreen
  2. Away time

    I have been testing out memory and other hardware and mostly anything you told me to try but just the same so for now there is Only one option left that i want to do witout paying to much for new parts and so on is to set up a secondary pc with som hardware i have on hand or can get cheep
  3. Away time

    it's windows 10 and the bluescreen happens randomly but mostly after i join the server we play on But thanks for giving me an idea on somthing to try out gonna reinstall all the driver's and see IF that may fix it
  4. Away time

    Well no harm in trying som more with help even if i been fixing and building PC's for a few years myself But the error code is as basic as ( IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ) i tryed to add a picture but it dident let me do it And also i googled it and done everything they recomended me to do and no luck only thing i havent done atm is reinstalling Windows but i dont need to do that as it's Only PR that get's the Bluescreen somthing i find wierd as if i play 12 hours on GR Wildlands ( a demanding game ) the pc run's No problem what so ever and i also tryed vanilla BF2 and no problem there
  5. Away time

    Heyy all im away for som time as PR makes my pc Bluescreen for a wierd reason and i been doing everything to fix it so im working on finding an ''ok'' pc to rig up for PR and TS only so Dont miss me to much now
  6. A bit late

    Welcome to the family !!
  7. Veterans. They still need you.

    FFDP is the best metal band that i know bout that's why i have FFDP in my name =) and that song brings me to tears every time as it means so much
  8. Heyy all

    thanks guys it's great to play with a good community like this.
  9. Heyy all

    Hello all im Pinkie_Pie_FFDP and i been playing on the VG.PR server lately. Im not working at this point so i have much time for games and PR is one of my Top 10 games and that's why i Had to get in here to know you guys as it's more funn to play games with somone you ''know'' Yes you see a pink pony on my profile and well i dont care if you hate or love that as it gives me a smile and i hope i can give everyone a good reason to smile to. I always do my best to help out when i play games like PR. And also im not that new to the game as i been playing PR when it where at 1.0 but i kinda stoped playing at patch 1.2 and Just returned to our Sweet 1.5 patch and well i hope to stay for a Long time.