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  1. Hello! Let me introduce myself

    I think I know what happened. I created a new logbook for online flying and I didn't realize by doing that I would have to reset everything up again. So I was using the wrong .key file. I messed it up.
  2. Hello! Let me introduce myself

    LOL my first flight didn't go quite how I imagined it would.. When I got to the pit I hear "warning warning" and I'm on the dirt sliding to the ocean. Then I hijacked my wingies plane and followed you guys to another airbase and crash landed there LOL. There was a problem in my HOTAS. Nothing functioned the way I had em setup. So is there a file conflict between me and the host or what's going on..? Better luck next time
  3. Hello! Let me introduce myself

    Cheers Harlequin! That solves it then. I'm going to bind PTT to one of those buttons.
  4. Hello! Let me introduce myself

    The profile I use is this http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?5855-Saitek-X-52-Profile Althought I've made a few modifications. Radar standby to next padlock AA target and AG weapons select to 3d HUD view (to reset the padlock) The profile basically has all the HOTAS functions from the real F-16 HOTAS. Allthough with some compromises. So can you tell me what the "cursor enable" does and what's it used for? If I got this right you guys dont use the ingame COMMS to communicate, just TS3. If that's the case then I guess I dont need "hotas-uhf" nor "hotas-vhf.
  5. Hello! Let me introduce myself

    =VG= Terremer LAN_WROTE ... If you hear an f-16 lock while playing with RAM, my advice is to eject! (or make sure your push to talk button is bound correctly to your joystick before getting into a multi-plane dogfight) LOL I guess I have to make a key binding for a quick ejection then. About the "push to talk". I have Saitek X-52 and Am using KesMonkey's profile. Not quite sure what the "cursor enable" does in the HOTAS so I guess that's where I put the talk button. Better ideas?
  6. Hello! Let me introduce myself

    Thanks for the welcomes guys. Tere T.E.D.F. Kuidas laheb? My fellow Estonian brother. RAM22 LAN_WROTE ... ... as long as you can takeoff and employ the weapons you're gonna be fine. You just might be the first one to know =D RAM22 LAN_WROTE ... Just ask Terremer, I kissed his ASS goodbye once. Accident or you just trigger happy? LOL Since I work at night I'm mostly available from 2 am to 7 am (GMT +2) If I'm not too tired after work I might check out the BMS at Teamspeak Cheers
  7. My name is Jon, I'm 28 years old (young) :) and I come from Finland. I've been a stalker on the site for some time now and have really enjoyed the atmosphere and the live streams of games you guys play together. I guess like most of us I got hooked on flight sims when I first saw TOPGUN. Been playing many flight sim since then, some arcadish and some more realistic ones. At the moment I only play Falcon BMS, but maybe in the future I will expand to other (fps) games as well. I finally got me a gaming headset (Logitech G930) and I think I'm ready for some multiplayer flying. I might need some assistance in learning the basics of multiplayer flying, especially formation flying and how to set the game up. Also I havent had anyone to speak english to for a while so plz forgive me if I'm having hard time explaining myself =) Looking forward to fly and "hang" with you guys Cheers JB