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    Music (Instruments), Bouldering, Stand-Up, Movies (hard to come by a good flick nowadays), Astronomy and Astrophysics and of course video games
  1. Long Due Introduction

    My dearest friends, I finally join your ensemble of brothers. A lot of you might have seen me over the course of a couple of years enjoying great nights and days of teamplay. To others I'm a nobody rightly so for I have not joined you soon enough. I first joined your servers at around 2015 and played extensively whenever I had spare time to share. From just a couple of match ups I could tell it was more than just a server. There lied a community behind it that loves cooperative gameplay just as much as I do. Teamwork that has been long forgotten in real life as in video games. I love you guys for that effort to keep politeness and professionalism alive and well. Except those couple of nights when we just goof around of course and share liquor and songs.. I'm 29 years old, trained foreign language correspondent and am stationed in Germany. Most of the times I'm quite polite, some times a bit loco as you might have come to learn.. From experience, good and bad, I approached things very carefully and stuck around to learn by observing before acting rash or engaging ill informed. Therefore I took the same approach here. I logged on over the years, spent time with you all, learned my fair share of know-how and still keep on self-improving. You have more than earned my respect and trust. Hence I will continue to work on earning yours. I wish to join you and share camaraderie in Project Reality, other games and even beyond. Thank you for every amazing night you allowed us ALL to have here. -Kenji