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  1. How we all doing?

    Well I hope it does get fixed :/ I have 500+ ping, which everyone on earth should know is unplayable haha. (used to have 150-210 ping)
  2. How we all doing?

    So guys, I finalyl updated my PR, and got the server open, but i might wait untill PR have fixed the lag/perfermance issues, as i hate it when stuff keeps lagging haha, my main issue was how when I zoom in, it goes in, out, then back in :P
  3. How we all doing?

    Hey guys. My name's Pat and I am a player of Project Reality :) I enjoy making new friends and having fun. Hope to see you guys on the server :)
  4. PR Co-op server not up?

    Ahhh great thank you very much, I will see you there :)
  5. PR Co-op server not up?

    Hey, guessing it's going to be Blud Klot reading this, so hey :) New to forum, Been playing, and enjoying the Veterans Co-op game mode on Project reality. Just like to know if there's a reason the server isn't on the list? It has completely dissappeared, and there are no other servers on the list but one which is red, so unable to join. and i had a few friends I met up with on that server, that I haven't seen in a while for this reason :( Thanks :)