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  1. Mouse and Keys

    I'll try this too thanks guys hope to be playing soon!
  2. Mouse and Keys

    loook I don't need an advertisement for joysticks... I need a control set that will work with what I have. Mouse and keys is what I have, maybe those experts will say something soon, theres ALOT of customization in the Key files and I am sure somethings already been succeeded at. Am I actually defending this game from you guys? lol The ability to change these games is well known, people don't always have a joy stick but they always have a mouse and keys, the keys are mapped, sometimes hundreds of them, A mouse can control pitch and yaw in simulation. I know this,..You can switch from mouse look to Flight controls. I know that. I also know my money situation and I can't afford anything more. PinBurst
  3. Mouse and Keys

    Well I need the mouse to work, Just tried the keys, holding ctrl and shift and operating with the arrow keys was difficult, then I couldn't lock. Falcon 4.0 allows lock with f1 or f3 but not BMS, its different and I couldn't find it. Then launching the missile guess its alt and / then Ctrl and / but I havn't locked so I havnt fireed a missle yet. Please anything you can tell me to help game performance would be appreciated. PinBurst
  4. Mouse and Keys

    Late night BMS youtube video's in the mean time...t
  5. Mouse and Keys

    Thanks I appreciate the response I hope they get back to me tonight I would need to be hand held through anything detailed but if they could post a BMS Key file for mouse and keys that would be perfect.
  6. Mouse and Keys

    Holy just found the BMS Key file editor, seems a little steep for my needs, I am restricted by my laptop, dosn't even have a numpad. PinBurst
  7. Mouse and Keys

    I have finally installed Falcon BMS, very excited but I've noticed I don't have controls like I did in falcon 4.0. I know I need to be able to control the jet fighter so there must be key mappings some where. The game is very customizable I noticed that but didn't see anything indicating I could turn on the mouse and keys combo I need. (I have absolutely no money to put on a joystick right now). If not the mouse to control alirons and rudder what about the original keys from Falcon 4.0. I noticed there was mention of key.doc files I could quickly edit the ctrl arrow keys it used to have. Can anyone guide me on that please? All the info on adding a mouse as a controler would be appreciated. PinBurst p.s. sorry I haven't introduced myself on the first page but I wanted a working flight sim first lol!