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Chaff and Flares BMS 4 Question

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Hi Guys I have another question, Can someone tell me the Key combo for starting your Chaff and flares programed in the DTUC? I've tried ALT x, ALT z, Ctrl x, and Ctrl z nothing seams to works. Flying a home built TE with DTUC load just to get the hang of the sim but can't get the program to fire off. Campaingn mission samething. Single flare once every so often, same for the chaff. Checked key log in BMS4 and it says ALT X but... It doesn't work. If I hit cap lock and c I get chaff and if I hit cap lock and z I get one bundle of caff and it stops HELP!! !help

Also the Dash 34 states that after Air Refueling Hit the A/R DISC switch to disconnect from boom where is that I do not see a slap switch on the side pannel.


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