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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all im Pinkie_Pie_FFDP and i been playing on the VG.PR server lately. Im not working at this point so i have much time for games and PR is one of my Top 10 games and that's why i Had to get in here to know you guys as it's more funn to play games with somone you ''know'' Yes you see a pink pony on my profile and well i dont care if you hate or love that as it gives me a smile and i hope i can give everyone a good reason to smile to. I always do my best to help out when i play games like PR. And also im not that new to the game as i been playing PR when it where at 1.0
  2. Hi everyone, Surprisingly my real name is Daniel, I do not speak English very well, so I'm very quiet like agent 47, but I think I know how to play this game (project reality) I hope Sorry for my bad English Best regards, Daniel
  3. I am an avid gamer, vet, father, and a person on a mission. I play almost every FPS on the planet, and I have worked on a quite a few as a platform developer. When I do stream its on twitch.tv/gaming4heroes Usually playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds these days and promoting and streaming for Active Heroes The mission - FInalmission.org The Org - ActiveHeroes.org The Discord.me/GamingforHeroes Looking for people who love playing Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Arma, Warthunder and would love to play on stream or even stream their own games. And app
  4. Hello, I originally became a member back in 2010. I always enjoyed quality game play of the VG servers. I became an admin for VG servers and was proud to say I was. I had some really bad events happen in my life and left gaming for number of years. I have returned to gaming has taken time to rebuild my library of games. I mainly played Racing sims when I returned but I would like to become active with VG again in hopes of rebuilding the friendships built back when I started here. I used to play BF2 PR , I would need to purchase it again if that is still being used. Is that still the most activ
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