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Yeah this is how it should be when you try to invade a country from inside with "just" an airport you hold. Reminds me a little to Baghdad Scene back in 2003

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About assets.

First i thought was you creating an VW layer for coop but i know you and i think you will force longer rounds by more combined vehicle infantry action. I believe the amount of  botassets get drained when the bots losing flags, right ?

About US mainbase.

Finally the playerside cant cross the bridge when it got destroyed. Maybe you will see some Logi action building CSB's.

Hope you putting not to much human assets into this layer so you force the team to use as many deployable assets as possible (deployable TOW's- MG's and mortars).

I would give the US side the northern bridge-head and delete the grey flag but only with expireable rallypoints so a small amount of infantry start fighting about the bridge and the city entrance. 

Gameplay should be like this:

Early game - Infantry squads must fight over the bridge and main city and have to fortify south city entrance against the next vehicle attack wave.

Mid game - Trans, Tanks and APC's spawning, heading southcity entrance, picking up troops and make their way to trainstation. Here they build up  firebases at the northern and eastern part of trainstation. CAS spawns.

Late game - CAS maybe will not survive when the tanksquad haven't their focus on Anti Air vehicles. After Bunker complex got captured, the main attacking force starts heading the factory or whatever it is and the southern trainstation FOB reinforcing the last attacks.

Looks well..

Give the bots long delayed mortar batteries and zis-3 cannons for the bunker complex and factory so CAS makes more sense end game and tanks and apc's cannot rush the last flags without airsupport.

For a fully 40 player server against 40 bots i suggest following vehicle layout.

  1. 4x m1a2 tanks (delayed so infantry have the first fun before the tank starts whoring the battlefield)
  2. 2x m2a2 IFV's (delayed, should be used as MECH INF - maybe should make a mech inf rule about LRG layers)
  3. 2x TOW humvees (no delay, job is to arive safely the southcity entrance to defend it with help of deployables against the first incoming vehicle waves)
  4. 2x Static TOW's (spawns at southcity to help against the vehicle waves)
  5. 2x Trans huey's (spawn is triggered when the last cityflag is captured)
  6. 2x A10's (triggered by capturing the trainstation. No one stay's and wait in base for their assets. they have to work for it)
  7. 2x Logitrucks
  8. 6x uparmored 50cal. Humvees (for the early game)

CAS choppers doesn't make sense against the amount of enemy AA vehicles. They are to slow in my opinion.


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