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Membership Application - Carmo - VG Air Force

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Name/Callsign:  Carmo
Timezone:   [GMT] Greenwich Mean Time
Active Time(s):  Evenings
Time on VG BMS Server:  not yet flown, just back into simming

Time using Falcon/BMS:

Confidence Level:
Recruit - (just started, have not flown)

Preferred Aircraft/Block:
Any F 16-block of no consequence

Other Preferred Aircraft:
F 18, SU 33 on DCS

Might like to learn:

Other games/sims flown:
DCS, Facon 4 Af back in the day

Comments/Personal Statements:


Application Review Status:      Membership Postponed (please spend more time on VG BMS)

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Hello and welcome!  Happy to meet new pilots!  We wanna make sure that the members of our public Air Force group for this game have had time to get to know the BMS program, and the aircraft itself a little bit more, as well as (most importantly) get some time to hang out with the guys in the group and get some flight hours in on our server.  It's not easy to get set up and grind through those first few hours of configuration and getting familiar with the interface, but do feel free to hang around and ask questions if you get stuck.  Always happy to help get a new person set up to start learning this sim!!

Jeffu has a great blog here all about setting up key bindings for new pilots, particularly when using a limited number of buttons on a joystick, etc.  (obviously, mouse and keyboard alone just won't cut it for this sim) 

We'd like to have time to discuss your application as a group, as well - it's a very new thing here at VG, and we're still establishing our guidelines and such, so I don't wanna just drop any decisions here and now.  Like I said, get to know the software, feel free to chat with us all on our Discord, Teamspeak (in the BMS channels, when we're actually there, that is ;) ), and on our BMS server itself.

Nice to meet ya, and see you around!  

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Please spend some time with other VG Air Force members either on our BMS Server, or Discord, happy to help new pilots - but we would like to get to know potential candidates just a little before we toss on the "Wings" to new members.  That's about the only restriction we have right now for this public group.

Hope to see you around! :drinks:

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