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=VG= Rotblut

Membership Application - Rotblut - VG Air Force

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Name/Callsign:  Rotblut
Timezone:   [GMT + 1] Central European Time
Active Time(s):  Late afternoon to midnight
Time on VG BMS Server:  4 years ago for half a year

Time using Falcon/BMS:
5-6 years

Confidence Level:
New Pilot - (still learning basic flight)

Preferred Aircraft/Block:

Other Preferred Aircraft:

Might like to learn:
F-14 AV-8B Harrier

Other games/sims flown:
DCS World, Microsoft Flight Simulator

Comments/Personal Statements:

Playing Flight simulations for ages but never ever really got into it while playing all alone at home. 

Because of this i really have no skills but i catch up fast and i am willing to listen and learn.

If you teach me (=VG= Kavalenko offer this) you will experience a model student.

While searching my Falcon 4 CD i also founf my Microsoft Flight Simulator V 4.0 from 1989. But i can not find a 3,5" floppy disk drive.


Application Review Status:      Membership Approved

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Found the CD and install all from scratch. Still fighting a little with the settings in Game. IVC IP and so on. ;)

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